September 25th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

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In the name of procrastination I wanted to work on this entry, then continue doing this lab report which shouldn't be too hard if I can just keep doing more tables and more tables. I'm getting really familiar with tables in microsoft word and I wish they were easier to do at times :(.

I have a unique gift. That is the gift of being able to sit in lectures and listen to the lecture, pick out the bits I need and throw the rest away. While I'm listening, I throw a book on my braille computer and read away. In truly graphical classes and those that I understand I can usually get through two or three full length novels in in a semster.

Anyway, I just finished this very awecome book called The Curious Incident of The Dog In The Night-Time by Mark Haddon. Its been reviewed by National Public radio and many other sources but I wanted to give a bit of insight on what I thought of it.

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Not much happened today except for I wrote a few emails to people I haven't heard for in a while, and talk to a guy I knew from Australia this morning. I miss those guys, the people I used to hang with, very much.

Lab is ok now, but I still miss the partnership that Ioana and I had. Crystal lives in Gregson which is cool, and she's really nice so I'm sure I'll be fine with the lab now. She's layed back, and fun to be around, and we got done pretty much on time with this portion of the lab.

In other news, I got back from lab today and had an email from a dude I went to elementary school with. Its always freaky to get emails from people you haven't heard of in like aeons. We'll see if he writes me back. Its also very interesting to try to update someone on your goings on when they haven't talked to you in like 15 years. Without hearing from him on email again, I won't know what he's doing because nothing was returned when I looked up his name in google. Then I looked up mine, and its amazing how my presence on the web continues to grow and how you can reconstruct me by looking me up :). We are truly a technological society let me tell you.

On a side note, the golf cart got stolen again today bt Dr. King caught the Greek freaks who stole it. Actually he didn't actually catch the people who caught it, but they parked it in their frat's parking lot so it was pretty much a dead giveaway as to that t is the same group that did it before. They're going to invest in a bike chain as I suggested.

Well, should continue working on this lab stuff so I'll write more either later or tomorrow, provided I do get done with lab.