September 28th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

millions and millions of doggies?

This day's just one of those that makes you just want to smile. Still great weather, still that brisk breeze that takes your breath away and reminds you that yes, winter's pretty damn close, yet still the warm heat of the sun. I love it. Sure beats being cold. Tomorrow's high will be in the upper sixties with light rain which will offend my Phoenix readers but hey, if you don't like it, move.

So consequently, I've been spending the last hour and a half on the phone talking to random people that I haven't talked to in a while (more on that later), and I'm on my second cup of tea since I started the first paragraph of this entry. In other words, I'm in procrastination mode. That’s all right though, I did get some work done.

Yesterday I spent most of my day watching the Arkansas v Alabama game, The Razorbacks played sloppily for half the game, digging themselves a 21 point hole by the third quarter. However, they got a clue later on, and caught up in a big hurry. After two stunning overtimes, they won with a field goal 34-31, and all throughout Fayetteville, you could hear screams of jubilant fans. I'm sure Tuscaloosa was a totally different story, and reading their papers about it, I could tell that there were some pissed off bamma fans.

This morning, I started work on Analytical chemistry with a cool person named Lindsey that I found through our professor's email to students and classmates about help that they might give me, and we have successfully reviewed enough material to say that I've actually worked problems with the myriads of equations you have to use to solve chemical statistics problems. I'm ready for real chemistry though and we're getting there, but its taking for freaking ever :(.

I almost forgot to explain my subject. I like to instead of people watching, do conversation watching. So I like to sit in a room and listen to various conversations, filtering out what I don't need or want to hear, and keeping the bits that I'm interested in. Its very awesome because people don't realize that I can listen to two conversations at once and have no idea that I can follow what they're actually saying.

Anyway, me, controlg, and dlambert went to Brough. We all had our dogs. On Sundays, many people, and students that have kids, bring them to Sunday brunch. When I walked in, Zoë, a little girl probably about four, was amazed because of all the dogs, because we all came into Brough at different times as people from Brough end to like it better when they don't have lots of people at once to help. Anyway, Zoë was with her mom eating brunch, and she was amazed at the dogs. Her quote and I don't think I'll ever forget it was
Wow!! There are millions and millions and millions of doggies in here today.

at which point her mom responded by saying that there weren't that many dogs, but I guess because kids love dogs so much three dogs could seem like millions and millions of dogs. It put a smile on my face, and when I got back to the table, the other two of us found it quite humorous as well. I want kids some day for sure, they can be both infuriating and cute, loving and horrible, and they're so innocent, even if they are a handful at times.

I talked with the person I spoke of in an earlier entry named Mike, who I knew from grade school. Amazing, but we had a great conversation, and were able to catch up on many things. He works as a manager at a Fossle Watch store in Phoenix. Its always amazing to find out what your classmates are doing, especially the ones who you might have known from elementary school. He's always been amazed by blindness and what I do, and how I deal with life, so we talked about braille watches, and how, if he works for the corporate office (that are his ambitions) he might be able to convince the company to enter the braille watch market. Its true that there are braille watches out there, but they aren't necessarily stylish, and if a big company like Fossle were to start making braille watches, though the market would be small, they might be another option for blind people. He'd never thought of it that way, and I'm sure he'll at least think about it which is really cool. He's also Jehovah's Witness so we talked about whether or not he'd changed at all as far as his belief structure. We were surprisingly close to each other in at least the view that no religion is better than another. Deep conversations rock.

In another attempt of procrastination, I talked to my third grade teacher Jean Schmal, who informs me that she reads my journal every day. It was great to catch up with her as well though there wasn't too much catching up we had to do because she follows my trials and tribulations on a daily basis.

Well I suppose I should stop procrastination, and think about writing up this program documentation for computer methods. All the best to everyone, and I'll write more later when there's something of record I need to write down.
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