September 30th, 2003

Eternity Knot


I'm going to make this relatively short and won't take the time to spell check it because I have absolutely no energy and the only thing that's keeping me from going straight to bed like everyone's telling me to do is the fact that I need to not forget all that happened yesterday. I'll go into how I feel after I summarize yesterday.

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At about 2:00 this morning, I woke up with a splitting migraine. I get them quite often especially when I've had lots of activity or stress. I tried an injection, and waited too long to take some Demerol. It was all bad. I started throwing up, al that wonderful dinner gone. I also separate ribs occasionally due to my bone condition and in the whole process of getting sick, I strained myself and now I'm in total agony because of my rib, and weak for lack of fluids and food. I know tomorrow will be hell just because when I do this to my ribs, its always worse the next day. I hope I can breathe by the time Julie and Lindsey get here. I just got back from Brough and upon ending this entry I'm going to go to sleep for a while. I went to part of circuits class but then decided it'd be best to get food / rest so that's why I'm here rather then class. I probably only got 2 hours of sleep last night, I unlike sgenlaiche need uninterrupted sleep. More later.
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Fiona and me in the snow

NSF Ner?

I'm still sitting here in pain yet when I don't move, it doesn't hurt all that bad. I'm still weak and tired, though the Adville I took just a bit ago seems to have lessened the swelling a bit. When I have more energy I will explain why my ribs do this but I think I explained it a bit last time it happened, maybe. Look for it tomorrow.

I suppose I should think about writing up this stupid lab thing I have to do for computer methods at some point. That and I should think about doing my lab report which is due on Friday; I refuse to do it at the last minute, again, but I have a feeling that in the state I'm in now it'll happen.

I got a 21 out of 25 on my quiz in analytical lab today. I was mega amazed because ffrankly I had not a clue of what I was doing.

Its damn cold, damn grey, and damn moist outside. A few weeks ago I wrote about the mists we were experimenting being like the green coasts of Ireland. Well I think its like it'd be if Ireland was on steroids or something. It just seems like the mists and cold are amplified by 10. Hence why I will be brewing tea for an upcoming phone conversation.

I've been looking up phones and it does look like I'll be getting one, at some point. Problem is, the one that has the ability to talk is really popular because its got the camera built in it, not that I'll need the camera. Its got an operating system on it though, which has a screen reader on it so needless to say, when you guys send me a text message via my userinfo page, I'll be able to read it by myself. Small wondre it may seem, but blind people have been locked out of text messaging for a long long time.

I saved the best for last. I totally forgot a segment of my day which helped to make it so cool. Suppose I should remember to not write while on drugs eh? Well, my Design teacher yesterday wanted to talk to me about something. He works on a panel that tells people from the National Science Foundation how they can improve or something like that. He ahs just come back from a meeting in Washington you see. I was mentioned in a conversation with one of the people from there in curriculum planning, and The short story is that they want to come down here and assess me for a study oportunity. Basically I'll be a lab rat or some such next semester when I'll be going through the hell of desigining a major chemical plant or some weird thing for a contest in New Mexico we will be competing in. He wanted to ask me if I wanted to be a lab rat, and I said, "what the heck, where do I lose?" This might be a huge door into getting a job with them which could be very cool. They are a prestigious organization with lots of money and though I might not get to do many things totally chemical engineering related, I might just get more people with disabilities interested in going against the grain and blazing trails. We'll see.

So I suppose I need to get started on brewing tea, really must get more tea of different and exotic varieties. I'm sure that will happen soon. All the best.