October 1st, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow


What I really need is som good narcotics for pain and some time off so I don't hate to worry about assignments and getting all kinds of crap done. I'm hoping that this will work, writing this entry, as I'm processing this big OmniPage job and my computer is crawling. Why it takes so long to save a 700 page file, I do not know but there must be some reason. I'll save it to a format I can use later on today while I'm in class so it has time to process. Typing this entry however, since I really don't need to look at the screen as I type seemed like something I could do, I can't really type a lab report without having some idea what I'm doing. Its all exciting over here.

Its mega cold outside and with my rib still being a pain in more ways than one, every time I shivered I'd get lightning bolts of pain throughout my side, ouch. It must be somewhat inflamed because the Adville does seem to be doing the trick; I just need to not run of the Adville that my friend got me yesterday. At least in Arizona they're not freezing their asses off, wait a imnute I don't want to live in Arizona, never mind.

What else to write, must do computer methods and another lab report today which if I can msand the pain shouldn't be too hard, its just getting some motivation to get cracking on it. Well, I won't blather on anymore, just wanted to waste some time while this thing crawls along, then maybe I can check my email without waiting ten seconds for my arrow keys to respond :(. More later today.