October 5th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow


Found a very interesting and geeky utility that will convert anything you type into binary. For instance when I tyupe this in there and encode it, I get this special code:

Try it, it works, and, you can totally reaffirm the fact that you are a geek*10 billion. I'll have to start turning my assignments for computer methods this way, they will look even more geeky than they are spposed too.

Lindsey and Julie have not arrived as of yet, who knows when they will be here but I assume that they didn't make it straight through as was the plan. I think it is much better to break a trip up into manageable pieces. Better then crashing or something aweful like that.

Today I plan on finishing some assignments and then hanging with the Ohio people. Dad keeps saying that I should be careful since I haven't technically met them yet. I tend to agree :))). Lj does change things though; I know them much better just by reading. I'm glad I like reading for I have met so many cool people through this thing.

More later.
Fiona and me in the snow

they have arrived

Lindsey just called me diliriously to tell me that they have in fact arrived. Apparently Lindsey's grandfather had them driving across the top of Arkansas which is totally the wrong way to get here from St. Louis. Well its not the wrong way to get here, you just have to cut across the top end of the state through the crappy roads, which are two lane I might add and curvey, and generally horrible. Needless to say, we'll route them correctly next time on big roads that aren't too curvy or annoying next time. I wish they would have stopped somewhere and slept but they went straight through, so I told them to sleep, then come to have dinner. Crazy the y are, totally crazy.