October 6th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

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I am going to bed, soon. I swear.

Julie and Lindsey have made it here and are doing great. They were both tired and a bit out of it, but I think a night's sleep and r&r will do them fine.

Me, Lindsey, Julie, Chris, Denna and my sister went to Hoffbrau, again, and enjoyed it immensely. It was a project trying to tell them how to find me as the university is torn up, but once they found me, it was worth it and the whole group had a great time.

We came back here, and I was amazed to find that Lindsey had put together a gift bag with all kinds of cool things. Two packages of tea, some oatmeal cream pies to go with tea, some massage oil that she made and put into a cool ollive oil glass container, and some hair loss shampoo (hahahaha) and finally, a Celtic cross keychain, which I think is the coolest thing.

Tomorrow after my class, we plan on going to Ureka Springs. Should be fun, and though I haven't been there in a while, I remember that it was quaint and very nice. Lots of little shops that the girls will love getting junk that they don't need, and plenty of good food to ingest.

Otherwise, all is well. Hope everyone's doing well wherever you are. I must get sleep, class will not come any later than the time that I'm wasting on writing this entry.

All will be well, I just have to take it as it goes, go with the flow. The only thing that matters is my sanity, either imagined or real, and that I have ful all at the same time.
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ner in alaska a collage


We're heading out in a bit to go to Ureka springs, so I'll make this very short. I'm bringing some work to do on the way though I doubt I'll actually do it, at least I've got something to do. Getting my hair cut as well before we leave, and I'm sure it'll make me look even better. I don't know what we're going to do in Ureka, but Julie wants to shop so I'm sure we'll be shopping for part of the time we're there, otherwise it'll be an adventure of non planning and excitement. I hope I'm being a good host, I really do. NO Jong or computer methods today as we'll be gone.

Sorry for the lack of complete sentences, when I write like this, it reminds me of my grandma's postcards that she writes us. This isn't a bad writing style, its just not me, not how I write.

The disgusting Irish-like mist and fog we had earlier this morning has cleared which is a good thing, should be a wonderful day. I'll make sure to explain it in great detail, not like you guys want to hear it. More later.
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