October 7th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

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I have about 25 minutes to write about Ureka Springs before lab and I finished some lunch, so writing I will be doing.

Once we finally got out of here after getting my haircut yesterdaya while watching some disgusting sope operas (ick), we made it up there after stopping at Sonic. They enjoyed it thoroughly as they don't seem to have Sonics in Ohio. Then we made it to Ureaka Springs.

I'm not sure what the history of the town is, but I do know that it is pretty. We basically walked around and shopped for touristy things for the girls. I got some black tea which I've been trying to get (dargeeli and Irish Breakfast) and another strainer. I also got a pouch of pollished ocks from a rock shop which are ultra cool. I have always like collecting rocks, and though polished rocks are not as cool as crystals as you lose some of the crevaces and interesting features of the rock, you still get some interesting shapes and they are so smooth. I put my hand in the huge container of rocks that they had there, and there was so many smoothe rocks, I could have run my fingers through them for days.

We came back here and went to Taste of Thai. Julie didn't think her stomach would or could handle Thai food so we stopped at Burger King for her (pain in the ass she is :)))) and then we proceeded to Taste of Thai. Came back here and had a great time talking to Lindsey and Julie, and trying to freak Chris out. Unfortunately , Julie pretending to be a cat only freaked Raymond out, not Chris, so our plan didn't prove that successful.

I'm really glad they enjoyed Ureka Springs, as I really liked it the first time I wen there. I think at least, that I'm a good host, though they don't seem to be wanting me to pa for anything. THAT WILL CHANGE

Today I've been going to classes, and I'll be going to lab here in a bit. Julie and Lindsey are heading to Oklahoma or something, I don't think they even have an idea where exactly. All I know is I told them to be back here to go to dinner at 6 and then we'll hang, or go to coffee ro something. I'm not sure what the plan is for this evening but I'm sure it will be exciting. Anyone think I should have them go to Brough tomorrow, or tonight even, hehehehehe, that'll rock. They get to be subjected to the crazy selection we have on a daily basis.

I can't seem to remember anything exciting that we did, or will do, so I'll close here and come back later to write when there's something of worth to write.