October 9th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

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I'm going to try to type here and most importantly wake up because I'm so tired its not even funny and I have work to do and ... well blah. Coffee is brewing though so that should be refreshing hopefully and spirit lifting. Pity, I realized that I had an old coffee filter in there from a week ago; I'm sure it had a good bit of algae built up in there on the filter, so I'll get a bit of celulose and vegetable in with my ciffee too, two much needed benefits.

20 minutes later, the coffee tastes good and I've got some emailing done so I'm feelinga bit better, maybe.

I woke up to torrential rain and had to go to class in it which didn't help my spirits any at all. There's something about rain. Sometimes, if you're in the mood for it, it can relax you. Sometimes though, its just damn annoying.

Yesterday was pretty good. After my class, Lindsey picked me up at Bell and we got to explore the place where I hang out and learn the craziness of chemical engineering. We then went back to the hotel and watched Julie talk to herself in her sleep and watched Joe Brown (one of my favorite shows, go Joe). "You didn't pay your lot rent, I want to sue you, pay your lot rent". That kind of thing. I skipped lunch, and Headed back to Bell. Julie and Lindsey wanted to go to the pawn shop because they'd never done that kind of thing before; correction: Julie wanted to go to the pawn shop. Legend has it that she got $50 for her underwear tehre. I think she love Arkansas now.

I got back from class and got word that my new phone had come. I called the crazi Ohioans at their new room, and they came to pick me up. I say new room because they had gotten kicked out of heir old room because they say those rooms were booked or something. I think they got kicked out because of excessive noise though, Julie's cat noises are loud at times you see. So they moved to a huge presidential suite thing with like three rooms, and a freaking huge bed. Everything was huge in that room let me tell you.

Anyway, I got my phone set up; correction: Julie set my phone up ts got a camera on it so I'll have no problems in taking pictures now to post on the lj and I hope to find some non ass pictures to put on here of what we took. Julie and Lindsey enjoyed tak,ing pictures of each other's asses you see. Anwyay.

They wanted to have a party at their huge room. I was not opposed; I never get invited to kick ass parties. Unfortunately, Chris was too busy to come, and Denna was unavailable, so we left and went ot AQ chicken, a Fayetteville chicken place. Aq was great even though I kept losing the "I swear I'm paying for dinner" battle. We ate lots and lots of chicken, and Julie took candid photos of me and Lindsey eating and played games and ... I'm out of breath over here. We headed back to the hotel after eating and on the way I tried to activate my phone. I had to deal with a stupid Cingular lady who didn't have a clue where a special number I needed was so that took a while but finally got done.

We got some rasberry alcohol stuff and headed back to the suite. The hotel has a pool and spa and the three of us had a great time swimming. I haven't been swimming for a few months, so it was refreshing. We finally got back here at about 12:30.

Earlier in the week I was worried that I would not be a good host. I must say though, despite the fact that we floundered a bit while getting around Fayetteville (blind dudes don't give the best of directions), we all had a great time together. I hope the vacation for Julie and Lindsey will be as memorable is it was for me. We have a special bond between the three of us, and I'm sure that we'll all have good times together some time later.

Julie and Lindsey have left now I think, and they will be back east tonight. I've got them routed via the interstates this time, so they sould have a more enjoyable time on the trip back.

For me though now, its back to the sameold stuff. I'll now have to be bored at brough, go to sleep at normal hours, and become my boring usual reserved AIM enabled, messenger addicted stuff. No missing class for me anymore, its back to the grindstone. And that said, I'm back to work for it is better to work and keep the mind busy rather then sitting here in the oppressing silence of my room.
Fiona and me in the snow

kick ass

In an effort to delay doing this lab report, I'll write a short entry. It cleared up today which is great, no rain = good. I heard from Lindsey and Julie. They were in St. Louis about two hours ago and should be well into Illinois by now. They tell me that next time they are flying out here, I don't blame them.

Lab was stupid and annoying as usual though we had fun. Those labs are just so long and the lab reports are the worst part :(((.

Maggie has my phone right now. Her and an RA who will be unnamed to protect his innocence are out doing duty things. In following with the pictures of people's asses that were taken yesterday, Maggie had the bright idea to continue the trend and take more pictures of people's asses. We've got me, Chris, Raymond, Fiona, and many other random people. We catch them in the act of leaving or coming to various places. Who knows what Maggie will get.

So since I've got this plethra of ass pictures, I will start posting several ones so people who want to see asses can see them and others well, they can skip them. If you're not on the friends list, too bad, only friends get to see the pictures :))))).

Must do this lab report on iodometric titration now. At least I'm back to smiling and I am very thankful for that. To worry is to waste, there's no point. All the best, and may the ass be with you all until I can send these pictures to my computer.