October 12th, 2003

Eternity Knot

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Me and Fiona are both hungry at the moment. Fiona's lucky because her food comes from a box, I am not so lucky as I have to tramp through dirt, mud, and grass to get to Brough where its never really apparent if you're going to get some good food. Of course, Fiona has to tramp through the dirt and grass and mud on the way to Brough but she's not hungry at that point so she doesn't really care. She's so oblivious on the bed over there, and so patient that I'm typing here rather than giving her food. So cute.

Not much is going on at the moment but there's going to be some serious programming coming out of here later. MUST get my lab report done as well if I can get a hold of Krystal. Ioana got back to me before :(. I might also call up Helen and get her to take me over to the Cingular store. as well so I can experiment with other phones that they might have and see if my problems persist. In the mean time, I'm listening to Van Morrison on XM and enjoying it. I'll switch to Spanish rap later but its kind of disturbing when you hear "shake your ass really fast" translated of course, in a Spanish rap so I decided that I couldn't handle it this morning.

Its cool outside but warm and steamy in here due to the leaky shower. I don't think Jeff fixed that yet either yet, it will wait. More later, must start the mound of work that's waiting for me.
Humans are social. How the hell do they create so many social problems so easily and at the same time analyze them on a molecular level. There's got to be a way to live in a cave in Siberia, still have internet, and not have to deal. Must call my travel agent / internet provider about Siberia travels.
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Fiona and me in the snow

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I finally got a hold of Krystal, my lab partner. Pity I'm very tired now after working on computer methods all day. Any suggestions on staying awake besides coffee? Coffee's getting old due to the fact that I've been drinking it all the time lately. Brough was sad today, apparently the dish washer was broken so we had plastic plates. My sandwich was about the only good thing. Well, back to this, I wonder if I shouldn't take a nap, then work on this? :((.

Update: Made some Dargeeli tea so I should hopefully be set to put together this thing. I really hope this doesn't happen again, people that don't have phones so that they're contactable should be tortured until they get a phone :(.
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