October 15th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

ah yes


Lj's being slow lately so I hope that when I am ready to post it actually lets me do so.

I haven't written much lately, but it hasn't been because I've been sad or upset, I've just been so so busy lately, and its great, ghrhrhrhrhrhrhrhate I tell you.

Its cold outside, hints of winter are hitting us like cold fast snow that will sure to happen near January. I just hope when it does happen that it snows so much that it cancels uni, that'd rock. We don't have snow ploughs you see. Anyway, won't think about that. Highs were in the lower 70s, and after the early morning chill lifted its iron grasp on us, it was beautiful. Pity I spent it mostly in the shelter of Bell Engineering Center. I've put the kettle on and the heater is blasting so hopefully I'll be warmer and more creatively enhanced to write about the past couple of days.

As I've said, I spent today indoors getting things done. I finished that test I had in analytical chemistry and I really hope I did well. I don't know as I had a few questions with how to do some of the statistical crap that we had to do. Hopefully the next test will be easier as its pure chemistry which I do well with. It was much more well-brailled and easy to read so I was thankful.

I also went to the Toastmasters meeting. I still miss the Toronto Toastmasters in Australia and their 2 hour meetsings. The Razorback Word masters as they are called achieve their goal as they help me speak theoretically better, and I even think it helps me to write better.

Then I went after my class and fixed the computer that has jaws on it. I am really thankful that they've invested so much money in my success, hopefully I'll do well. Anyway, me and my professor, Dr. Beitle, worked on getting this program that helps chemical engineers design a plant, work well with speech. Its very graphical to a point, but because its been around for years and years and years, there are ways, very geek ways, to get it to work. I swear, if I were not a nerd I don't think I could make it in the world of chemical engineering; all chemical engineers must be nerds. We must have been making quite a scene in the lounge as both of us were very excited that I could actually DO it like the rest of the students. They must think I'm a freak let me tell you. IT was a very exciting feeling because it was a barrier that I didn't know could be broken.
That's been my highlight for today, not something that most would understand but for me it helps a whole whole lot because it'll save me hundreds of reams of paper in calculations and many many hours.


Yesterday was pretty uneventful. It was very long as Tuesdays and Thursdays tend to go, so I wanted to come back and flop on my warm bed after lab. I had told my sister
that I would go with her to the Christian group she goes to here on campus called Cru, Campus Crusade for Christ. I don't want to get on a religious discussion or go off about my screwed up belief system or lack of one, but they really, this group, didn't make me feel uncomfortable. The music was great, and they talked about relationships, which was interesting as well. The guy who I found out today's name was Hunter, way funny and very down to earth. As long as they don't try to push me into or away from something I don't believe I'll go back for sure. It didn't resolve any doubts or questions I have about religion but it did cause me to think and remember the good times I had in Church Youth Group where I was big cheese president dude. Funny, the youth pastor I had and worked with, got fired from working with our group. He went to the Little Rock Unitarian Church, a big change from the Methodists. He was cool.

Well, suppose that be all dudes. I get to talk to my homey G Julie today so that will be ultra awesome. Planning continues for winter trip to winter places. Parents seem to be positive on the idea. So ends my drivel. Your ner addiction can now be quashed by yet another in the series of ramblings, number 248, from the pen of Ner.
Quote from my mom:
I logged on to your journal today and you hadn't written in two days, I was sad.

My Mom Rocks!!!
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Fiona and me in the snow

maintenance complete

I forgot to say. that I got back to see a little doorknob maintenance thing. I figured, hmm maybe they've fixed the moldiness of my wall. No such luck, but they have given me this really nice wooden shelf that's now above my sink. There used to be a cut glass thing that was over my sink but apparently, someone broke it while I was away, so for about a year I've been putting my bathroom stuff on the windowsill. It'll be a welcome releif to have something cool to put my bathroom crap on. You have no idea how hard it is to balance all of my deodorant, toothpaste, and toothbrushes on a narrow windowsill. Life gies its treasures in so many small ways :).