October 19th, 2003

Eternity Knot

The blind dude gets a camera and other tales of woe

The contemplation of things to come as it is in Brough brings me here to this journal.

That, and the blind dude has now mastered the strangeness of the camera phone and how to get the pictures from the phone to the computer. More about that later.

It hasn't been a very eventful day these past few days. Arkansas lost, again, to Florida. I shudder to think what their rank will be later today in the polls, but two losses at home won't bid well for them at all I don't think.

Helen and I worked on analytical chemistry last night, which was, as usual, very exciting. Yeah right. Hopefully I'll be able to catch up some day and do some of these problems for the next problem set, I just seem to be falling behind in a lot of things for some reason. I can't wait to get out of school and into a paying job where I just et to work 9 to 5 and then come home and not have to work on anything for work, I hope.

Not only did we have fun with analytical yesterday, but we enjoyed taking pictures of my favorite person, Fiona.
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I can't think of anything else to write about. Planning on doing lots of work today hopefully. The weather perports this day to be a beautiful one, wish I could go outside and just sit and study or something. My braille computer doesn't like that too much though so probably won't be doing that. More later.
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ner in alaska a collage

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Ok ok, I should post the people who are compatibile with me, then I'll write something coherent and cool. So if you want to know how compatibile you are to me, Collapse )
I'm sitting here listening to Fine Tuning on XM. I'm pleased with the new line up on there as it seems they're adding lots of Celtic to it this fall. Its basically a channel with 50% Celtic, the other half random stuff fro mthe Beatles to Jazz to New age, very very nice stuff let me tell you, though I do enjoy listening to other channels when it gets redundant i.e. I have all the Celtic that they play. They supposedly have a new Celtic show on there now, which I wish I was djing, Celtic Voyage is a lame name let me tell you.

Must do Dr. Jong work very soonishly. Went to Brough today after writing my last entry and met up with controlg and dlambert I am sick of the stupid construction site. Collapse )
In other mindless news, I just approved a book for Bookshare called The Limerick. Innocent you say, not in the least. Its packed with some of the most disgusting limericks I've ever seen. Funny the book was copyrighted 1969. Here's a tame one
There was a young man of Rangoon
Whose farts could be heard to the moon.
When least you'd expect 'em,
They'd burst from his rectum
With the force of a raging typhoon.

And with that thought, I'll leave you all to ponder lifes great literary offerings, notwithstanding of course this journal :P.

Oh yeah, it is a wonderfully beautiful day outside, I wish to be amidst it but Dr. Jong keeps me inside slaving over his stupid class all for naught I fear.
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