October 20th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

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Well so ends another day :(.

I've done lots of statics problems, and met with the statics guyDr. Jong. I wonder how I'll ever finish, but that'll come later, I think I need to be more positive today.

It was almost hot today with highs in the mid 80s. Luckily the humidity was down so the cotton long sleeve shirt I wore today did not stick to my body. I do have the air conditioning on now more because Fiona *really* wanted to play with her disgusting hamburger in the hall and make me chase after her, but it was a good release for the both of us, and she enjoyed growling menacingly at me for no apparent reason.

I got the code to make my phone talk, and I can see an easy review for main menu coming up. There are pros and there are cons, and most importantly it'll be easy and a cool demo. I can't get it to speak caller id info for some reason, but they swear it'll all be fixed in the next version of the software. I am not sure why I would have to pay 20 euros more than I am already paying for their mistakes but anyway. Now a statics status report for those interested. Collapse )
I've got to finish another lab report for tomorrow so me and Krystal are planning on meeting today to hash out how I can make this thing look presentable.

There's supposed to be a meeting for Alpha Chi Sigma but I plan not to go to it because I'd rather get things done.

I need a vacation, for real. December can't come soon enough. What fun, I'll have time to read books, time to be bored, time to be non stressed out. Maybe I should take like six hours next semester like Chris, maybe that'd be the ticket.

Always ending on a positive note, I had this observation to make this morning as I woke up to winamp. Have any of you used winamp to wake you up at pretty much the same time every morning? Well I do, and I put the thing on shuffle. For some reason, and because of the time of day I run it, the random number generator seems to pick the same music every morning no matter how hard I try. Suppose I should try waking up at 6:31 instead of 6:30 every morning and see if that improves things. It adds a new spin to ner's morning top 40 music. I never thought the same Celtic songs could get old but when you hear the same one from a stash of 1300 songs in a week three times, you know there's either something seriously wrong with your world or your reality is several degrees off kilter. So ends my thoughts, I shall return.
Fiona and me in the snow

I need something to distract me

This is going to be short. Since I can now read my text messages, I want to see how many people can send me text messages who read this, its free for you, and free for me since I have unlimited messaging for 3 months. All you have to do is Click here and send away. LJ rocks. Say whatever you like, anything that will make me smile at this point is great :). I'll come back with the stats on how many messages I get and what some people say hehehehe. Must work now. All the best. If you read this and your not on my friends list and don't have lj, you can still annoy me. Let's try to break ner's talking phone oh yeah.
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Fiona and me in the snow

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ten messages and flowing. I'm still working on this lab report but keep em coming in, I'm realizing that this phone under stress doesn't work too great, and, the pronounciation on it liek the livejournal names sucks, a lot, so some of you I didn't catch your names but the messages were all there. Fiona even sent me a message from under the bed, I mean on the bed. And Camille likes to make my phone rhyme. After a few messaages, the program, like windows, crashes :). They better fix it or I'll kick their asses. Thanks guys, you're all great.