October 22nd, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

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I wasn't feeling like writing writing last night and I probably won't have much time to write today or at least for a while anyway, so I thought I'd write a bit of a summary.

Thanks to the lots of people who sent me messagse. Cingular is going to wish they didn't give me unlimited messaging for three months. I got a total of 14 messages, some of them from different people. It was good to get that many messages though because I realized that the thing has errors sometimes and it has problems pronouncing things. Must report it to them. All the messages were awesome let me tell you. This program is proving to be pretty neat.

I've been busy as all hell yesterday. Did not much but analytical chemistry yesterday, as I tend to do on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It was quite a lot of it more though because I worked on an assignment for a couple of hours right after lab :(.

Yesterday was quite hot; I shudder to think how hot it might have been in Little Rock.

Today I am going in to Bell early today to talk with the design guy. then the normal schedule will be going on. Excitement let me tell you.

I'm feeling very uninspired and not poetic or anything so I'll quit while I'm ahead. I really just can't wait till I have everything done that I need to be done. The time when that happens will be a great one.
Fiona and me in the snow

(no subject)

I just finished the last in the installments of the Artemis Fowl Books. The Eternity Code was great. If you've read the first two, definitely read this one. I'm kinda glad that I finished though, not only because its kind of one of those real warm fuzzy feeling books, but because it'll make it so I have no reading material in class. Reading material in class is good for when you don't have exciting things to learn or when class is excessively boring, but lately, my classes have been getting more challenging so I feared it was time that I finish my book soon.

I went to class this morning, design class. He wanted to do Jaws scripting with me after lunch time, and when a professor actually wants to script jaws with you, you do it because well, not many professors want to help you script things. We got a costing application working. I hope that it works on my computer, but it'll definitely make my life one heck of a lto easier as it comes down to figuring out costs of plants. Its much easier to put in some numbers into the computer and have it spit out a cost than it is to look up on charts the number in question. Again, boring to you non chemical engineering types, exciting for us ner(d)s.

It was depressing today, not because I felt sad, but because it was such a beautiful day outside and I had to spend it inside the impersonal walls of Bell Enginerring Center. Jong was his usual, and I *reall* hope that I can figure something out with him. Amrud, the guy hose going to help me, should be adequate rather than wasting my stress level and energy arguing with the guy. I don't want to get a 100% in this class and I don't think he realizes that. Maybe I just don't understand the guy.

Anyway, must go so I can get started on this lab report early, what a concept eh? And then hopefully I'll go to bed early as I think I need te sleep. Maybe I should take more vitamins or something, find some way to increase my energy and make me able to stay awake longer.

As a final, I'm really enjoying the new found accessibility of my phone. Being able to dash a text message out from pretty much anywhere I am really rocks. ITs like email on the go for real, awesome stuff. MOre later.