October 25th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

misty musings

The mist cut through me like a knife. I wanted no more then more pre-warmed Brough Coffee to course through my body, even though I'd already had three cups. Yes folks, its old, rainy, disgusting, and well, disgusting outside. Makes me glad I will mostly stay inside most of the day. Its one of those days you should spend indoors listening to classic jazz or classical music as you study. I would say its like Ireland outside but I don't think it gets ***this*** cold in Ireland. Who knows.

Last night's show as somewhat of a disaster. The music sounded great over here, but as it went out to our great network, it got spit out, chewed up and generally decimated by packet loss and bad network conditions. Bad, very very bad. I had the network administrator of the resident network listening to my show, so now he knows that we should get it fixed and get it fixed soon. He loves Celtic music, so that'll hopefully spur him on to getting it fixed faster. I think personally that there's too many dudes out here who're offering many many files to the masses. I don't care that files are being shared, hell sometimes I download at times, but if it screws up the network for all, then its bad.

On tap for today is studying for analytical with my friend Neil, doing the bit of work I need to do to get my lab notebook inserted in my report and tables in top shape, and of course watching the game. Apparently my parents are going to Oxford, MS to watch it, but I'm glad I'm here, inside, away from all the screaming fans. Well I'm sure I’ll hear the screaming fans from my radio speakers, but I'll take that any day especially when the temperatures and freeze factor are so low. Sunday night here will be in the upper twenties. If there was moisture to work with, it'd snow no doubt about it. I also have to work on statics but that won't be a huge deal, materials pretty easy at the moment and with someone to interpret diagrams I'm golden as they say here.

Must go though so I can do random things to stay awake. I took a pill for headaches last night at 4 when I had one and I slept until 11 because of the medicine. I don't like headaches, but I do like having energy to do things. So I'll go, and write back later when something of substance wafts through the window of my mind so I can fill your computer screens with lots of meaningless nonsense :).
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Fiona and me in the snow

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I'm just getting down to the end of watching the game and its not good at all. Nothing short of a miracle will will help Arkansas win, in fact by the end of this writing, the game will be over and, now, the game's over. Final score 19 freaking points to 7. Oh well.

I got a call from my dad. I thought both of my parents were going to go to the game in Mississippi so I thought it odd that he called me. The reason why he didn't go was taht he got up this morning and found our 15 year old dog Mini had passed away peacefully in her sleep. Sure we thought she was a total pain in the ass; sure she ran away all the time and smelled really bad at times. But she grew up with me; slept on my bed all the time, jumped on me when I was sad. She will be missed. Though she's gone now, I know that she had such a long and full life. It makes me shudder to think that though Fiona is 7, her life is only finite. Life in general is finite. I gave Fiona an extra hug today to commemorate Mini, our little old dog. May Fiona live for many years to come. It'll be a sad day when she's gone.