October 31st, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

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I had planned to write yesterday after we got back but was really tired yet again for some odd reason, so I suppose I'm writing today.

I went in today to take my second analytical chemistry test, and it was a disaster. It wasn't done, or they couldn't find or something. I have no idea why, but Dr. King, the director of the organization was not happy at all. So I came back here, not wanting to wait, so I could pack for the trip home.

I did want to write and post some photos about yesterday so here you go. Collapse )
Well, must go and head to Brough, great stuff, so I can go to class and get ready to do work. Hopefully I can get caught up in computer methods again and in all my classes over the weekend as I really need to do something soon. The semester is drawing to an abrupt halt for sure. More later from home most likely.