November 1st, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

home again

Well, I've now arrived at home and am using a laptop again. Its working amazingly, so I can't complain, but I'm having to relearn how to use this keyboard.

Eri (pronounced elli), our first foreign exchange student who lived with us about three years ago, has come back from Japan for a week to see us. I figured it might be a good idea to come back and take a break from studies and life and come home. I think it was a good idea but ask me when I get back and have to do lots of things to catch up. So I lay here on the wireless network, getting ready to go to eat some Mexican food with the fam and Eri. Well in reading that last sentence I'm laughing at myself, I'm not actually laying on the wireless network but ... you get the picture.

Yesterday I met with Dr. Jong. I told him that we would definitely have to start meeting less for mine and his sanity. He doesn't think I have the concepts firmly in my head so we'll meet for one more week three times a week and then cut back to once w eek. We got into a bit of an argument about my standard of excellence versus his standard of excellence. Of course he wants me to do well; he wants me to great. I just want to get done and get this requirement out of the way. He told me that Col. Myers, my adviser said that I wouldn't be employable as a chemical engineer if I didn't do well with his class. The exchange went like this.

Jong: Mr. myers said that you would be not emproyable if you get a D in my class. Its not our department that's requiring you to take this class, its his department.
me: He didn't say that. (internal laughter)
Jong: Yes he did. You WILL NOT BE EM-Proy_a_ble if you don't get a good grade in static. Statics makes you an engineer. I am the pwofessional here, I should know.
me: I understand that but Col. Myers wouldn't say that.
Jong: Well he did, want me to ask him?
Me: Go right ahead Jong, you do that.
Jong: khe he he, well to be honest I"ll be glad when you're out of my class too.
me: My sentiments exactly.

Every other student is scared of this man, I could care less. He can take it and shove it as far as I'm concerned.

We made the trip home in about three hours, pretty par for the course. And since then, its been no computer, and complete relaxation. We did go to Wal Mart and I cashed in on the $1.09 Halloween Candy they had going on. Wel Mart was absolutely packed today and my mom and I were so glad to be done with it by the end of our trip.

Its hot today, not hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk hot, but its one of those opressing steam bath hot feelings that make me glad I'm not living near LR any more. Its great to be home, to see family friends etc.m but I'm not a home person. I don't enjoy it as much as my sister, being home. But I do enjoy it in spurts, and I'm going to go so I can enjoy the softness of my bed and pillow for a while before we leave for the feaux Mexican that is El Maguay, our favorite Mexican Restaurant. Peace.
Fiona and me in the snow


History has been made yet again in collegent football. Arkansas has won after seven overtimes, 71-63 against the University of Kentucky. Seven overtimes usually would be insurmountable I would think. I would think that a team would never be able to tie a game and construct a shoot out synonymous to Tombstone's Okay Coralle. The funny thing is that Arkansas has done this before, two years ago. They haven't just been to an overtime, but they did this once before, seven overtimes, and the outcome is? Arkansas wins! They've now in the past two years played a total of 22 overtime periods and will most likely be the reason for a rewrite of the NCAA overtime rules. Snapping a three game losing streak, we, Arkansas, are not only looking positive because we put a w in the win column but coach Houston Nut has lead his team to yet another Seventh Heaven overtime. Bad for the networks, the adrenaline, the fact that I really should get to bed sometime soon; great for peeking my intterest and waking me up from a slight doze. I am so glad I actually woke up on time, about the beginning of the fourth quarter, as this game is something I would kill not to miss. Seasoned football haters would be forced into television and or a stadium hostage situation. There'd be no way a football hater could be bored from this game.

Oh, and one final thought before I get some sleep or something to drink to calm me down before I forget.

GO HOGS!!!!!

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