November 2nd, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

cleared I say, cleared

Today's a nice day though I"m sure I'll be glad to return to the shelter of the cool mountains later this afternoon albeit that I'll most likely have to do work, great fun.

I slept in today and that was good. Staying up till a bit after twelve will do that to you for sure.

I got an email from the guy regarding the ACB Radio infractions I dealt with about three months ago. He's finally "closed the matter" and so I guess I'm cleared. I'm glad that its all out of the way and sorry that I spent so much time worrying aboujt it. Sometimes though, I wonder about an organization that gets so worried about a sponsor spot that hardly anyone listens to. Whats the point of playing music to no one. I guess its the few people that are my fnas who I have to be thankful for.

I've been looking at different books on bookshare. For real, there's so many of them on there, I have no idea how I'll ever finish them all. Anyway, I've been leaning more toward nonfiction books lately, and though they are more mind intensive, they cause me to think and I enjoy thinking. The only problem is, I can't read these deep nonfiction books in class :(. Oh well. At least I'll hopefully be able to work out in my mind some of my issues with life, religion, and happiness. My mom and sister have suggested some good books to read and they are on bookshare and other places, so it'll give me lots of reading material in weeks to come.

Not much else is going on and I should continue, or start rather, writing up this program I did for computer methods a while ago. I also have a group meeting later, most likely when I get back, about a project that we have to finish for this Friday. The group has some very strong personalities and good workers in it who all think they have the perfect idea, so it'll make progressing quite difficult. I think I'll probably just shut up and do what they want me to do and that way we can move forward. Then when we get done and I get bored, then maybe I can redo the program in a better way. I HATE GROUP WORK. So with that said, I'm outta here.