November 7th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

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It hasn't been my idea not to write this week, but it has been a stressful and painful week so I thought I'd spare you all teh agony of my usual mantra, statics sucked, statics sucked, statics sucked etc. So no real need to go back to the whole week's summary, but I will update the high points.

I'm soing my show now, and amazingly, thanks to great computing services people, they have at least temporarily fixed my network. So, I'm now kickin it with a good connection, something that doesn't happen to me too often.

They haven't turned on our heat yet because apparently Hall Senate hasn't voted to turn it on. I swear, my fingers shouldn't be *this* cold. And, I shouldn't have to wear a sweatshirt and long sleeve shirt.

I didn't go to class at all today as per orders from the Health Center. It was funny however when aI called Col. Myers and he wanted to make sure that the cops weren't telling me to go to class. I had a migraine that was amazingly painful last night. Sometimes I don't know how I get through these things. So I went there to get a shot of demerola nd an anti nausea medicine which I knew would totally knock me out but I needed to sleep so that was ok. It was totally weird though, as I lay there after getting my shot, I had the tv on. I remember watching some kind of spe opera, or actually I didn't watch it but I just kind of didn't want to get up to turn it off. But this sope opera kind of became weaved ixpertly into my consciousness. Dr. Phil in a dream really doesn't go well, followed by jeoparty; I wouldn't recommend what I dreamed about, Dr. Phil and Alex Trebeck together at lunch? Ahhhhhhhh. That's what good drugs will do for you I suppose though and I was much happier to listen to Alex and Phil argue than throw up or be in pain.

Not much has been going on though this week. I finished my tests in analytical chemistry and statics, and I suppose it was ok. We're still working on getting alternative arrangements for statics but nothing much is resolved at this point.

Well, seeing as I've just glossed over a week, I suppose I'll go so I can concentrate on this show and talking to my actual listeners. I plan to write tomorrow as we'll have initiation for alpha chi sigma. I hope to be able to get over there.