November 10th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

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I so, need to do work but I wanted to update since the entry I wrote yesterday in the cold of my room did not post.

I spent yesterday following doctors orders and taking it easy. What causes my headaches is entirely stress related, so limiting stress while still having academic output is definitely a good thing. So I scanned some books yesterday while trying to stay warm. They still haven't turned on our heat yet and the 30 degree temperatures that we have had the past few days are great for some, kind of cold for me. The windows that I supposedly enjoy in my room (my room being on the corner of the building), make it really cold in the winter. The heat will not be turned on until hall senate votes to turn it on, so I guess it'll take it falling to 0 DegF for that to happen or something. The heating and cooling system is of the two pipe variety so to switch it over, they have to actually physically hook the system up to the steam lines, so the heat will be on until a vote, and vice versa because its such a project to switch it over. Sucks to live in a 1940s era building.

This morning I went to class and was only slightly lost from my day absence. I hope it is the same with computer methods this afternoon and I think it will be so because it always is when the TA's teach the class. Whenever, Heath, our main TA, teaches, I get sad because he and the other TA were in my introduction to chemical engineering class about six years ago. A sign that I definitely need to get out of here.

And get out of here it seems I won't be able to do in one semester. The plan is that I will walk down the line in June but not technically graduate. I might take a graduate level class or two plus my required ones just to keep the mind busy y, but that I haven't decided yet either. Its just depressing taht because of stupid obstacles and stupid teachers, I'm being kept back again. When I totally graduate, I'm totally having a huge party, for real!

Anyway, must look over stuff for later, so I'll post this so as not to lose it later and be off to class. All the best to my amazingly cool readers.