November 14th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

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Nothing can warm me on this cool winteres afternoon than some awesome Celtic music, and that's what I'm doing right now is listening to some of the stuff I'll be playing tonight on my show, that I'm amazingly, preparing. I never prepare a show; since it never goes as planned, I don't feel a need to plan it because I know I'll always go off schedule somewhere.

But the music is about the only thing that's warm in here, that and the heat which is nicely turned on in the building. Its not necesary to really turn the heat on in my room, so I'm just in here in relative comfort. Fiona is under the bed drying off from the miserable rain that is outside. 40 degrees and cold rain really isn't a comfortable thing especially when Fiona decides its time for her to use the toilet just when we get to Gregson.

I've been doing lots of random things, all of which have been unplanned. The only things that have actually worked and been on schedule have been me going to class. Otherwise I was surprised to find that I had mail, had a statics lesson from Amrut cancelled, and I didn't work on anything as far as my lab. Its supposedly due for the others on Monday, and I'm going to shoot for it but I doubt it happens. Sometimes my major comes to haunt me as everything seems to take just that bit longer to complete when converting things from print, then to braille, and then from my braille answers which I've usually painstakingly written, and then to print again. Since there's no one here who can read braille, I have to be the one that converts my answers from braille to print so it adds time.

So I suppose I'll go now and continue to scan this book, then I'll get finally ready for the show. Hopefully I'll have people listening. If you're bored tonight from 9 to 11 eastern, listen at

Its cool. More later. Let it warm up, for real.