November 18th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

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Am I ever going to stop, not have things to worry about, things hanging over my head? Doubt it.

I came back today after lab and fell asleep, luckily, woke up at 9:30 or so, and though I'm still tired, if I were to have a lab report due or some studying to do that was pressing, I think I would have enough energy to do it. Alas, I finished my report, and don't have equations to solve the computer methods homework, so I'm just now sitting here worrying that I should use my time better and be one of those raving hermits who sits in their room and studies all the time. Wait a minute, I am a raving hermit, one who doesn't study all the time, but hey, what's the point?

The keys for the golf cart have continued to be MIA, apparently lost somewhere on Saturday. Apparently, eight golf carts got delivered to the athletics department, maybe I need to organize a golf cart heist or something. All I know is that its getting to be a real pain to organize people to come and get me because they're having to come pick me up on foot. It was kind of entertaining this morning because Brad, one of the guys who works in the disability center, came to pick me up. Apparently, he was "driving a bit fast" and almost at the top of the hill, this old dude jumped out in front of us. We were apparently going to fast to stop, and we didn't even come close to hitting him, but it was exciting watching Brad and the old dude argue about whether or not Brad should have stopped in the crosswalk or not. If I hadn't had to go to class, I would have loved to watch and officiate the fight. Apparently Brad almost "had to knock the dude out". It was funny. apparently the guy is a parking ticket cop with nothing better to do than jump out in front of cars on purpose, and oh yeah, get his quota on tickets, something that's not hard to do here on this campus. One thing that's uniform in Fayetteville is the absolute hate for the parking nazis.

It was very nice this morning, then poured down rain again. I'm glad that I was in lab for most of the episode, but now its painful to go outside because the wind's blowing cold fury across the Ozarks. Its going to suck next week when it *really* gets cold. Luckily it's supposed to be nice starting tomorrow until Sunday.

Tomorrow. Hmmm, probably should get to bed for real so I don't have to struggle to get up tomorrow. Big plans for tomorrow, I get to meet with Dr. Jong. Apparently, we still don't know anything about the big meeting but they better find something out fast because I can't take it much longer, hehe. Well, must go, more later.