November 29th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

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Email's not working so I can't do any huge work, whcih really sucks because I needed to get some stuff done this weekend. Perhaps I'll see if the main file server is up so I can at least do some programming. That said I thought it'd be a good time to write.

And write I will. I have been horrible lately and not read any journals, so I have no idea whats been going on in the world of my friends. I'll be ready to get back to Fayetteville and the normality and boringness that is my life.

Yesterday was the day after Thanksgiving otherwise known as "remind each other of how commercial Christmas is". My dad and I decided that we really needed to go to Wal Mart, not to shop, but mostly to get soem usual grocery things, and some shoe laces. We couldn't figure out why the rest of the store was a madhouse and the parking lot ndicated that it wasn't too busy. The problems didn't arise until after we got the groceries and proceeded to the shoe section. Bad move. Through the store stretched the line from hell and we couldn't find the source until we went all the way around the store to get away from the line. The line happened to stretch from none other than the Layaway department. I mean this layaway section snaked through the store and the ting wasn't moving at all. The lady at the checkpout line stated it best, if you don't have the money for it, by all menas don't get it. I just said wow! and proceeded to think about how commercial Christmas has become.

Whatever happened to coming up with cool things to make with paper and string rather than getting the newest and greatest cd or dvd player? Why not make something that your kids will enjoy forever knowing that it was made with not love, not just bought with love. A classic example of that was the year that I made my grandma, just for the heck of it and because I wanted to test out this cool pece of software I had just got, a cd. It wasn't some ordinary cd though mind you. My Grandma when she was younger spent her days as a teenager singing across the country, on the radio in conert halls, everywhere. It wasn't until she met my Grandfather that she decided to cut a short record. It was one of those old 78's with one song on each side. She sent this record to my Granpa in the states from Australia. She sounded amazing. I had heard this thing before, and it was all scratchy, so my idea was to take that scratchy record, clean it up as best as I could, and put it on cd so it wouldn't degrade further. Then, I called all the family around the world, about 25 people I think, and had them record a short thing for her. I put those short things to Christmas music, and sent the whole thing to her. It took me several weeks and cost me about 20 bucks for cds and phone calls, but it was worth much more. I got to get to know the Australian side of the family, decided that I would love to go to Australia to study, and made my Grandema's Christmas. All with that simple gift.

Today I hope to do work, o I can feel like I've actually accomplished something over the holidays. I also might help my dad with some woodsplitting he's got to do. I'm not gong to wield a big axe and chop lots of wood like a mountain man, I'll probably just operate the wood splitter. ITs always fun over here. Hope everyone is fine, I"ll write soon.
Fiona and me in the snow

(no subject)

Well, according to controlg they're installing a genearator at computing services so all the things I need to get at are offline and have been since Thanksgiving. So the stuff I needed to do, I can't get at :(. Oh well, guess it'll be hard work for me when I get back tomorrow.

I'm in the warm again listening to good music. My dad's getting ready to split more wood, so I'll have to go again here in a bit. Its easy work, but a bit cool. More soon.
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