December 7th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

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Yet another draught from writing but never fear, I am back.

Today was a great day both in weather and just in general. I had planned to do some work and I did some, but nothing to rival as much work as I did yesterday. I spent much of the afternoon in Bell, doing both design and computer methods projects, so I felt like today I could have some fun with great friends.

So, I went to Helen, one of my friends from a long way back, to a potluck at one of Helen's friend'shouse. The friend's names are Rose and Gavin. Rose and Gavin's house is s cool, its very natural and open, with rock steaps, and a ladder that goes up to aloft that they use to sleep in. The thing we went to was a potluck so everyone brought something, and I wasn't an exception. I brought cheese crisps, basically open face quesadillas. Helen brought some Ecaudorian potatoe cakes with onions and cheese. We had a great time eating them and even a greater time eating them. Rose and Gavin and their friends are all vegetarians so this was a totally vegetarian affair, which is new to me but not totally alien. I also got to meet Helen's niece Isabela who is two months old. She's so cute and seemed to like me, she even tried to eat my finger, that is until I picked her up and put her on my lap. Typical girl, she screamed, and started spitting up. Women, they aren't any different old or young :P.

I'm listening to some absolutely beautiful Christmas piano music right now and I hope to get some work doneprovided I can still keep sitting here in this office chair of mine. When Helen called me to pick me up, I knocked my coffee cup off the desk and stragnt smack dab into my chair. Needless to say I had lots of coffee to mop up. So as I sit here, its kind of oozing out of the chair onto my ass, something that's not too comfortable.

The holiday is near and I'm getting *some* shopping done but ... not as much as I'd like to. I'm getting into the spirit though. I think I'm ready, veyr ready, not only for the celebration of Chris's birth but for the end of the semester that is so far away yet so close all at the same time. More later.