December 9th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow


One clas down many to go. Today I feel accomplishment, because I've actually accomplished stuff this semester. I've not only kept in one piece, but I now have finished a class. I still have to take a final in that class, but finishing all esperiments and lab reports is such a relief let me tell you, its wonderful.

Its pouring outside, and steadily getting colder, reminding me that winter is upon us and Christmas is close. Its even going to snow tonight, they say up to an inch; we'll see how much it actually snows, but they're always somewhat off base, so we'll see.

Yesterday I spent the day helping my friend Larry delive fruit for the Kiwanis Club. They ahd this huge sale that raised money for the university sponsored club. We got there to pick up some fruit and it was amazing, I have no idea how they have as much fruit as they have there, with the two 18 wheelers they hadstocked full with apples of two varieties, pears, oranges, and grapefruits. We ended up stocking the car with the orders we had which amounted to about 400 pounds of fruit. I got to help deliver it, and luckily we got to use the elevator at the places where we had to deliver. When I went with Larry this morning to class, the car still smelled like fruit. So needless to say, I was absolutely tired last night and went to bed, or I should say took a nap, very early.

I got up, worked on a lab report, finished it, and then went to lab. Had fun cleaning up, and spraying people with water, not on purpose of course. And I'm back, drinking cherry coolade for no purpose at all but to just drink something. I really wish I had some hot apple cider, but I don't have the ingredients and really don't feel like pressing the apples I have into juice, so Chrerry coolade it is. Big difference I know but ...

So I think since I'm done for the day I'll relax here for a while. I'll ahve to catch up on journals as I haven't read any in a while. It'll be great and I can't wait for tomorow as its dead day. Of course I"ll be studying on dead day (the day where no exams are allowed to b scheduled), but that's what everyone should do during that day. More soon, everybody stay cool if you're hot and warm if you're cold.
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