December 12th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

and so comes the snow`

Its not snowing yet but its sure to come soon. The sky is very dark and forboding, and the radar is spattered like an impressionist painter's pallet. Its interesting I have never seen paintings but when I invision a radar screen with the greens, pinks, blues, and whites, all spaced with interesting intensity, I come very close to understanding pain splatter, in other words, Impressionism.

We're supposed to get 2 to 4 inches of snow + ice under that which should be interesting and exciting, and will make it annoying to get around to say the least. Oh well, as the chemical engineers that are my classmates say, "At least you have those chains for your shoes, damn most of us don't even have chains for our tires." This is true, and I am very much looking forward to the cold white stuff.

I went in and took my computer methods test. It went quite well indeed, and I never would have thought I would have done as well as I did. I got an 86%, one of the highest scores in the class. I knew more about the subject than I thoughht. Now to finish the asssignments that I lack, two of them, one of which I'm close to getting done. Even if I didn't finish it, I would still get an A, but I owe it to my teacher to finish it because he knows that I can do this stuff and he'll be disppointed if I don't do it or at least try.

After the test, I hung out in the textlab waiting for them to get done with some tests I needed to take back here. Since I don't plan on slogging my way over to Bel over unploughed sidewalks, I'll do the tests here and t4elecommunicate my answers. I like the idea and so did everyone else in the lab. I had fun helping them out with random things scanning related, and just generally having a good time chatting. I think they enjoyed having someone new to talk to.

Then, Larry came by to pick me up so we could make the perilous journey to Wal Mart for the heavy snow rush as they call it here in the south. When any form of small falls of snow come, people rush to Wal Mart for their shopping, just in case they won't be able to get out for the next five years. It was definitely a mess,and shopping took ten times as long as it should have. Larry and I were typical males, ready to get the hell out of the store and get some dinner.

And dinner we got, at the Catfish Hole. I had catfish and shrimp, both fried, with hush puppies, and some fries. I am stuffed now, and tired, but having a good time doing my show. Thoughts of warm liquids like tea or coffee are coming to mind, anything to warm and wake me on this cold pre snow mid winter's night. More tomorrow for sure; I've started reading journals again, its great to catch up with people's lives again :).
Fiona and me in the snow

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Its officially snowing. They say light snow, but damn was it cold. I was glad to have my really really heavy coat that kept the iciness off my head. I love it though, I suppose if it hapened a whole lot, I'd hate it but since its a new thing, and cold, and nice, its totally cool, not to be punny.

Let it snow.