December 14th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

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Its Sunday morning, and I thought I'd write before I get started on this lab final I have to do. Luckily they delivered it yesterday so I can do it first rather than last.

Yesterday's snow was kind of like nature scouffing at us for living in the South. It snowed maybe two inches, and then got up to like 34 degrees, melting all the snow. It was pretty supposedly while it lasted, it hung on all the trees, layed on the grass, but kept off the sidewalks. Pretty handy for the university, because they didn't have to close, and people didn't have to go to finals on Sunday which would have caused problems I am sure. So I spent yesterday trying to get enough rest to not feel tired. I also did some cleaning, and hung out with Neil a bit. A generally exciting and eventful day for sure.

This morning, I've been invited to another Fayetteville cool people's lj hang out for brunch. Its been a long time since I have had had a real brunch if you don't count Brough which you'd be disgusting to count Brough. We're going to Hoffbrow, which I hear has great brunch. I don't care what they have, if they have hash browns I'm happy.

Its very cold here, of course not as cold as Ohio is right now, but hey, we're in the South, see above for more details about that. 17 degrees wherever you are is pretty darn cold don't you think? Well, suppose I should get dug into this test before I have to leav at 11. I also get to finis my project for Design. Pretty good, two classes finished in one day. If only Statics was done. That, would be the most wonderful Christmas Gift.
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Fiona and me in the snow

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In reading aussielj the australian community, I have now found out that Saddam has been captured. Hell yeah. I wonder what implications this might have, what it might provoke teh insurgents might do, but whether or not I support GW or not, I sure am happy that he's captured, so happy. It must have been an intellectual Clancy style capture, but yes, yes yes yes. Its interesting going back to my entries I wrote before the war and leading up to it, but now, its all over, at least for the horrible ex-dictator, Saddam.
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