December 21st, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

no longer bored

Welcome to my new friends who I found on the add_me. I usually only read that community when I'm extremely bored or annoyed and need a release. Yesterday, I spent the evening troubleshooting the wireless network for my mom. She wanted to get her Macintosh connected to my router, so I had to write six magna cartas, jump through multiple hoops and virtually rewrite the stupid router to actually get it to work, but it now works and she is happy. Because of that though, I needed to read *something* rather than recycling over and over my friends page or going back and reading my journal so to add_me I went. I am SURE I found some (to pun the Iraq news) HVF (high value friends) there. You can find them there, especially if you read carefully and quickly :).

I have no idea what I'm going to do today; possibly I should finish watching the first LOTR movie I never have seen. Yes I know, its kinda like saying I've never read a Harry Potter book. Its true though, sad and true. I also must concoct an email to my Aussie friends and family so I'm not scrambling to get it done on the 24th which is Christmas day in Aus. Even though I haven't heard from hardly anyone from there, I will take the initiative and write them first I suppose. Must get warm coffee and warm socks, my body's getting cold.