December 27th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

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Two days after Christmas and I haven't written. Not good definitely. But I haven't written because things are going bad, quite the contrary. Things are going great!

I got several things for Christmas. Some of the cool gifts included an espresso maker (more about that later), some clothes (shirts and pants), an Amazon gift certificate from my sister which I already spent, and this cool wind up radio which has no batteries from my aunt, in case we get nuked or something. Oh yeah, and a book called A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson. It's actually on bookshare already but I rescanned it anyway and will resubmit it because my copy is much better than the one already there. Its a book about science and its weird facts, something I'm quite fascinated with as many of my readers will attest to.

I've been relaxing over here since then. Marsha and Hank, Philip's family, came here today just to hang out. That was cool because they're an awesome family. My highlight of their visit was that I got from Marsha, coffee stuff for my espresso maker. I needed some new beans because my old ones were in the process of being fossilized (they are about three years old), so I was excited to get soe new beans + some syrups (chocolate and amaretto). So with my new maker , which is ultra cool, I made coffee for everyone that wanted it. It was ner's coffee shop :). We also took a really pointless picture of the fam by the new tractor. It was pretty dumb, the picture was, but after the picture taking, I got to drive the tractor, so it was all good. I'll post the pictures when I can get them.

Overall the holiday season so far has been great. The rest must end soon though as I'll be leaving for Toledo next Saturday. I have a test to complete, actually two tests, along with other things which slip my mind at the moment.

Fiona's had her holiday fun too. She got up on the counter today and ate about half a plate of sugar cookies while we were outside taking pictures of the fam and the tractor. Oh well, I suppose she's got to have some fun; it is Christmas.

I'm meeting with sunnyblue for an eat/bitch fest tomorrow where I'm sure we'll enjoy telling stories and smiling about the old times. That said, I suppose I' going to go as I had a glass of wine for dinner and am really tired at the moment. ore tomorrow on the first anniversary of this journal.
Sorry for the randomness and lack of organization tonight.