December 29th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

(no subject)

I haven't been putting subjects to my entries mostly because I haven't been able to able to come up with any that coherently describe my entry in three words or less.

My last entry, I wrote in the evening, which isn't the greatest of ideas for me. I tend to, or have tended to as of late, get up at about 5 in the morning, and have most of my intellectual and organizational ideas come to me then. My last entry, totally left out my bout of retail therapy I had to have after Christmas except for a mention, and my disastrous show on Friday night which I had to end early just because I was so disgusted in myself.

I did buy quite a bit of stuff from Aazon; lost of cds from random people used of course, and some new ones which I'll be looking forward to listening to, a sci-fi book, and 150 coffee pods which are an interesting invention. Why they are called pods I do not know but they are supposedly precisely measured out portions of espresso coffee grounds. They are basically compressed round teabags that you pop into your espresso maker. They make a to less mess than grounding my own coffee. Basically in short, this means I'll be able to bring my maker to school and have a relatively endless supply of mochas at an average cost of like $.25 a cup. Must remember not to tell sgenlaiche about this; it could be disastrous both to her and I, her by caffeine overdose, me because Maggie and caffeine ix quite interestingly.

Yesterday, the big highlights of the day were hanging out with sunnyblue and watching the national jump roping championships on ESPN, the former being the actual highlight, the secondary being a "this is a slow Sunday so we'll broadcast crap on ESPN just because" highlight. We ended up going to Cancun as we usually do when we hang, and we ended up eating lots of the usual, both of us ordering the same thing, chicken chimichangas, rice, and beans. We both ate everything, as usual. Then we came back, and I made mochas for both of us, and we watched the national jump rope championships. What the ...? Yes, that's right, they actually broadcast lots of over athletic hormonal teenagers as they jumped rope for two hours on national TV.

My favorite quote from some guy was "Jump roping has been my world!" Oh my god, like, wo. My sister wanted the cheerleading championships to come on next but it wasn't to be.

And that's about it, another in the hundreds of boring entries from me. Philip is going home/back today to Juarez Mexico where he'll continue his mission there. He'll be here until 5, but as is traditional for my sister, she's sleeping in til late o'clock. :) and I believe he's up. Well, more later.