December 30th, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

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I really should learn not to make mochas that literally eat me from the inside whilst waking me up. I guss its kind of like aking a stiff alcoholic drink or something. Well I guess there is one advantage, I won't be having to drink three or four cups of coffee, I'll get it all over in one fell swoop.

Today's going to be "finish a test" day hopefully. This one that I plan to do is the one that they had so many problems doing. hope, and I guess since I've actually read the thing before, that they've got them all fixed.

Philip left yesterday and I think that Kelsea was pretty sad. We realized last night how integral I was in getting them to meet. Chalk another one up for me on the matchmaking score; I think I'm up to six or seven people. Now to match myself up.

I'm really having problems coming up with more coherent thoughts to write, I suppose I should close until I can come up with something cool to write about. I'm lame. More later.