December 31st, 2003

Fiona and me in the snow

new years eve morning

Wow, 17 comments on the last entry; that's what I get for being an ass right :). It helped to bring up interesting topic and also to waste many hours last night talking, and most importantly getting expert advice from The Master.

Anyway, sitting here drinking regular coffee, actually its half Irish cream, half boring American coffee in my kick ass stainless steel cup that Mrs. Marsha gave me. Supposed to keep the coffee hot for two hours. Why that is, I do not know, because if you leave it for two hours, its a crime, but anyway, it does work, I've had it for an hour or so and its still steaming hot.

caneprints reminded me that yesterday was my lj's birthday. Actually it was created, born, on the day before yesterday last year but yesterday, 12/30, was the first entry. Its interesting to go back and look at that entry and realize how much has changed since then, how much my writing style, and mostly, I have changed. So I must wish my lj happy birthday, I hope everyone who has been reading it for so long has enjoyed it, 316 entries is a damn lot especially when you're me and write as much as I do, and its amazing that people actually read this thing.

Today we're going into little rock to get some things organized for next week. I feel bad that my mom has to take me in, but she seems willing to do it so I really appreciate it. So will starlight_moon. Yes I know, I'm horrible and didn't get her Christmas present until now but yet, its cool and I haven't been able to figure out what to get until yesterday. And today will be the day we pick it up.

We've also got a Razorback game to watch, the Independence Bowl this year. Its Arkansas and Missouri this year and it should be a game

The year in review will have to come later after of course we shoot off those fireworks we got. I'm sure we'll have to dodge shells from the neighbors as the fire indiscriminately into the air, as you do in this neck of the woods. And I'm sure we'll have a great time, as we always do. I go back to thinking about the times when would come over, every damn New Years Day, and hang. That is a tradition I miss a lot as I don't have anyone to help me watch my dad as he gets increasingly more drunk. Its these nights I'm sure he invents his money making ventures, I'm sure of it. So until then ...
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Fiona and me in the snow

black eyed peas? What's that all about?

When tasked to a task, I always, repeat always rise to the task.

Ms. Marsha, Philip's mom for all of you not in the know tasked me to research myths of new years day. Interesting because my mom was telling me about how black eyed peas are supposed to be lucky. Well, here's an article you might want to consider about all the crazy Southern myths associated with new years day. I never knew about any of em, but according to this article in the Kansas Citty Harold dated 27 december 2002, there are these myths.
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So I suppose now, since I'm in Arkansas I should start making black eyed peas? I don't know, all I know is that we are supposedly having chilley tomorrow for some odd reason. I always was a bit non educated on southern culture. Now you all over the world know, and so do I.

And oh by the way, from home and garden TV
An apple myth, where do these people come up with this crap?
  • Peel an apple until it breaks and toss the rind. Whatever letter it forms is supposedly the first letter of your true
    love's name.


Happy New Years eve to all. Wait a minut4e, the Aussies on my list are already in the New Year so happy 2004 to you all too.
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