January 23rd, 2004

Fiona and me in the snow

Out in the cold

22 degrees really does get cold when you're standing outside waiting for the nonexistent desk worker who probably is either asleep or looking at porn on the desk computer, to let me in. My number is close to the desk number at another hall close by so I've gotten calls like this at 3:30 a.m;:
"Hey, uh, I forgot my id can you let me in?"
"Are you trying to call blah hall?"
"Yes? Isn't this the dorm, its cold outside can you let me in?"
"no, I'm cold because I was in bed before you called, call this number and try them, they might be able to help you."

On this occasion, no one was there to open the door for me so I stood outside shivering, ears freezing and waited for someone to let me in.

Gregson's security is great though, because with all the cameras, ID card validation systems, and other implements of security, I just waited patiently and nabbed one of the openings when a group of hurrying students heading to a 7:30. Go figure, at least I'm warm, now.

I don't know why I woke up early, but when you wake up at 4:30, the wait till 6:30 when Brough opens really does become long. The debate was on Fox News only which really sucked but was non interrupted by commercials or conservative claptrap so when I got up and turned on the tv, forgetting that it was on, I was like, wo these people need to go back to bed.

The debate was good, really enthralling, riveting let me tell ya. I fell asleep after the first hour. Apparently I didn't miss too much because all of the clips that CNN showed were things I remembered. Al sharpton was entertaining as usual, he even commiserated with Howard Dean about his "whootling and hollering". I'm still a fan of Clark's.

I spent the day yesterday writing emails, doing a bit of work, and actually, I made it to that informational session I mentioned in my last entry. On a whim, I was bored you see I sent an email to KXUA our university radio station, about my nonexistent Celtic show from last semester. Collapse )
I didn't even expect to get a response because I didn't think I would even be close to getting a show back as I showed in this entry. I was basically pissed because I'd not heard anything about it as it related to our College radio station. Jarry wrote me right back, yay! And offered me a slot, Saturdays from 12 to 2 pm. He said Collapse )
So I'm in, now to get all the equipment ready to do the show and find listeners again. Hopefully the internet stream works and you lj people can listen :).

Which leads me to the next topic which I'll put under a cut to save space, Collapse )

I had my first day of "tutoring" and I seriously thought about writing from here. It was supposedly a slow day, because at one point, all three of the math tutors working at the time were all over talking to me about the computer and braille etc. So as I said before, I got to get paid $7.50 for talking to people and they got paid $7.50 to talk to me. Great fun, and the people working with me are very friendly.

And that about sums this entry up, sorry for the length. I don't make the mistake of only writing to my readers even though I love you all, but I more write for myself in case I want to be crazy and read this stuff later in life. People have also complainedabout my "more later" message at the end of every entry. Here's one for ya then!

Gotta pee.
Fiona and me in the snow

you are feeling verrrrrrry sleeeeeeeepy

Yes, that's me. Getting up at 4:30, having a full day with classes/meetings with professors will do that to you.

I had one of my most successful shows on ACB Radio Interactive I have had in a while. Well, if you count successful as broadcasting 20 minutes of pure silence because the plug is plugged into the mic jack and not the linein jack then ... After figuring that out, I was doing great with listener peaks at about 14 which for me, and my type of music, is great.

All I did today pretty much was hang out at Bell, go to classes etc. as I said. But I did realize something. The professors I have, with a few exceptions (ehem, Jong, ehem) really do care about me and help me out amazingly. Sure, I have to show effort, and I try to, but they really do go over and above to help me succeed. For instance, my reactor design teacher spent a bit over an hour explaining stuff he wasn't able to cover for me (read the board). Without the department, I'd be so behind and out of the loop.

Well, since I'm making no sense and generally banterig all over the board due to lack of sleep, I think I'll take my own invitation and hit the hay. See ya.