February 3rd, 2004

Fiona and me in the snow

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Sitting here in the lab before I have to head forth to the Union for an exciting appointment. I'm hoping, actually I know, that today will be a better day than yesterday because
(a) They won't be able to forget me to take me on the golf cart if they don't have one and
(b) I don't have any classes today so that's a good start.

Yesterday every time they picked me up, there were problems. After my meeting which should last about an hour +- depending on if we drink lots of coffee or not, I'm going to meet with a person in the Disability office to get them to make a dependabe and predictable schedule for them to follow.

Yesterday's work, tutoring, went quite well. I actually had one person to help, so I felt useful and they (the Enhanced Learning Center) felt good because they'd hired someone that could actually do the job.

Today I've got work to do, random engineering crap, so it won't be a day of laying around reflecting on things. Though its feaking cold outside, I'd love to spend the day in the sunshine reading a book. More later.
Fiona and me in the snow

icy icy icy

Looks like forecasts hae changed and now there's going to be likelihood of a major ice rink here in Fayetteville. Its still kind of iffy, the freeze line is ringt about here, so we might get snow, which would be cool, but 1/2 inch of ice total really doesn't sound fun. Suppose that if its really bad, I'll be staying in tomorrow as well, regardless of whether or not the university is open. Man I love living in the mountains. Weather's always exciting, the developments, the changes, etc., but when it comes to thin sheets of ice covering pretty much everything, now that's not fun.