February 13th, 2004

Fiona and me in the snow

sj*t happens

My crossword working time was cut short today by a nice big pile of dog crap I picked up somewhere along the route to or from Bell. That was, in most part, caused by the fact that Josh forgot to pick up the cart so we walked. I knew something *had* to be wrong with my shoe because shoes really aren't supposed to smell that aad. Oh well. It took 20 minutes in the Brough bathroom to fully clean the shoe(s) so I made it and started eating by 12:05. Again, oh well, no reason to get annoyed anymore. Its all over now.

So I'm sitting here drinking tea to try to calm down. Reall, dog shit shouldn't spoil the day but it kinda does before lunch :(.

To recap the past two days ... Collapse )
I spent most of yesterday running here and there, working on my design project, and other random things which I can't quite remember today. Had fun as usual, though it was tiring as usual, playing Celtic Music as well. And that's about all that's important for the past two days.

Nothing of excitement has been happening today. I've been working on creating a device that can be used by blind people, and most importantly finding a company that will make what I need. Its interesting how nonstandard things for blind people can become. This particular device allows you to turn the LCD screen totally off on a laptop and the company was totally shocked and had no idea why the hell I'd want to turn the screen off. I was like, "because it'll save my batteries and who needs a screen when you have a computer that talks." I've never heard a line as silent as it was after that comment. "Well, I guess e can make it, but, make sure it works because we're not liable if you screw up."

One really good thing happened today, and that was that I didn't have to go to either of my afternoon classes. Suppose good things, no matter in how small the package or amount, are always good. Bad things aren't always *too* bad :).
Fiona and me in the snow

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I'm drinking some coffee, its not just coffee but its coffee made from my espresso maker. I have no milk so I didn't get to put my usual 60% to 70% milk and the rest espresso, and I didn't put chocolate because I don't know how to use the new powdered chocolate stuff I got from my mom, so I'm drinking some coffee that reminds me of the times I was in Spain and ordering a "cafe conleche extra", a coffee with extra milk. They too have espresso machines rather than coffee machines, and the strong men drink the coffee fast and often. Four cups of coffee from their/my machine has enough caffeine to kill a horse, I swear, and enough flavor to grow hair on a bald man. It tastes good and it has caffeine enough to keep me awake during my show.

I'm enjoying the music, as you all know I *love* Celtic music, but when I have absoltuely no listener interaction as has been the case much of the time lately on ACB, it really is boring. At least with KXUA, I get the odd "you guys suck ass" call or the odd "Oh wow, what's that" call, but here, nothing! Abso freaking lutely nothing.

So with Mary Jane Lamond in my ears, I"ll recount this evening/

I went to chi alpha whic I always was kind of scared of before actually as a freshman. I had never been invited before a few weeks ago and today, just to see if I could figure out what, if any, differences existed with the religious groups on campus, I decided to go. My show was practically ready today, so I called my friend Megan and told her that it was a go. They do this thing called Free Food Fridays, which basically entails going over there on Friday evening and eating, a lot, of, food. By there, I mean, their house. The house is nice except for the fact that there were lots of steps Fiona didn't really like. We got there a bit early, and there wern't many people. That all changed though; I'd say maybe thirty people crammed into this little living room. Fiona did great with all the activity and I only had to yell at a few people for petting her.

I was impressed by the whole deal, mostly because I did not feel in the least pressured by anything / asked whether or not I was a Christian, and to what degree of a Christian I was. That has been the biggest thing that turned me off of the college religious scene. At times, I like to be a passive observer, taking in things, discerning differences, and not only being reflective, but more importantly not being judged for what I believe. It was nice just seeing / meeting lots of nice people, and of course eating the food. The other thing that was cool about it was that there were peoplee of all races, and lots of international students too. For some odd reason, there were also a huge amount of people there that I knew; from chemical engineering, from people I knew who knew people I knew who ... you get the picture. My Brough crossword friends were even there.

I do hope to check it out, and possibly check out other groups around campus. I'm sure it will, as I experienced tonight, help me feel more comfortable about what I do believe. Its important for me to be in an environment where I don't feel pressured to believe something that I don't believe, and I think tonight was a good start.

Well, that's about all here. I'm not quite done with my two shots of espresso yet, but I'm already feeling the buzz after only four ounces. I'llhave to get up at some point in the morning and then head over to breakfast/the studio. Because I'll probably be bored/want something to do besides sit around here, I'll probably traipse over to the studio at about 10 or 11, something like that, and hopefully, this week, I'll remember all cables and such this week so I can start non stressed and have a good time doing my show again. With that, I think I'm going to sit here and sip cold coffee.
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