February 14th, 2004

Fiona and me in the snow

reggay vs Celtic, the battlefield presents itself

Apparently, the ogds that aet the schedule have put "Reggay roadblock" before "the Celic Kaleidoscope". It'll be a war of musical tastes, and illiterations I am sure. And I can't wait to disrupt the flow :). I like reggay and all but it'd be nice to have world music before me, or after, like the do on some other community radio stations. This isn't the community though, its uark, a totally different entity.

,Oh great, now they've switched djs, and now from cool sounding guy with hippy accent to weird sounding southern accented guy :(.

If you guys want to listen
You'll need windows media player.
Suppose I should get going though and make sure I have all my cables as I didn't last week :(. More soon.