February 16th, 2004

Eternity Knot

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Not feeling creative in the least, so I won't come up with any exciting or otherwise subject lines.

I spent yesterday scanning a book that was due today (that I completed with not too many problems). Getting to the library, unlike what has happened in the past, was another story. I have no idea what the deal is with getting to the library but it, being so close in location, should be easy to get there. And I suppose it will be easier once I do it ten billion more times. Anyway ...

I walked to the union, stopping on the way twice for Fiona to take a crap. Women, and girl dogs, why they have to go to the bathroom every two seconds I don't know. Anyway, I got to the union, and Fiona decided she wanted to stop again, just to sniff this time. In the process we got turned around, and after several choice words to her, we got turned in what I thought was the right direction. Wrong. Twenty minutes later and how we got there I do not know, we ended up at Brough. I had planned to go there anyway, but after dropping off the books, not after practically going to the library and back twice if you count the twists and turns I must have made. Luckily, I met Neil at Brough and he made sure I made it to the library. Needless to say, after all that stress and cursing, I came back after safely dropping my books off and went to sleep.

Needless to say, I vaguely remember Chris calling me to ask me to help test something out.

me: Hello
chris: Hey, you asleep.
me: No, I'm not asleep.
Chris: Can you check and see if this stream is working?
me: My computer's not on, I don't think, uh, sorry, erm.
chris: That's ok we'll figure out something.

Ah well, woke up early this morning as usual and was rested enough to take on today. I have class, then work later, then more statics. I might write later if I'm not busy at statics as its always an entertaining experience to watch the troubled math students flounder among the land of the derivative, the domain of the variable. mmmm, tasty lunch calls me :).
Fiona and me in the snow


I'm sitting here in my office waiting for my next class. Its times like these that I am thankful that I have this office, even though its got lots and lots of boxes and god knows else here. We used it mostly for storage reasons, and a place to put all kinds of random crap in. Its good that its here, even if most of the random crap that's here isn't even mine i.e. the mass of thermal couples (electronic thermometers), screw valve fittings, and other things I don't have the foggiest what they are.

I got to class on time, and then when Juinn, my professor, got there he was like "we're going over the exam all class." I haven’t taken the exam yet, o I was like, "well, I could go into my office or something." So I'm here, bored, waiting for process control. Luckily, I had a bit of cash so I raided the Coke machine and watched as a shady Coke employee slowly wiped off the Plexiglas’s facing on the leftmost Coke machine. He was there for ages. Made me want to get the hell out of there, and fast.

Won't bore you further as I'm going to track down the guy whose making the prototype of the device I'm going to use. Exciting lecture I found out was going on tonight, so I got out of static’s sutoring and am going to it. Luckily, both would have been educational, the lecture just happens to be the more interesting of my two possibilities. Fun fun.