February 17th, 2004

Fiona and me in the snow

ball ro iron lecture?

Last night, as a part of the Alpha Chi Sigma (chemistry fraternity) distngished lecture series, we watched a guy named Oliver Emanual, a truly crazy guy. I say crazy but he fully believes what he's talking about and backs it up with what he calls good science. He believes, basically, that unlike what we have been taught from elementary school to now, the sun does not contain just hydrogen at its center. However, it contains what he says is 80% iron, basically he says the sun is a huge ball of molten iron with a neutron star at its very center. This neutron star basically helps to produce the hydrogen and energy taht we experience as heat and light. Very interesting. He has a Web Site which in my opinion is very hard to read but it talks about all the scientific implications of his theories. Its amazing how strongly he believes these things and how happy he is to have controversy about his ideas. I think that people who go against the grain rock, even if I don't completely agree with what he says. I can't say that I totally disagree with him because I don't understand all of the astrophysics and nuclear physics about it. It was a good talk though. The only thing is, I really hope that the next lecture we can publicize the thing better as we didn't have a huge number of people there.

Today's highlight was my taking of the Junior English Exam, the university's stupid attempt at making sure that I know what I'm doing as far as writing. If I pass, I don't have to take stupid advanced english essay class. If I don't its one semester of stupid English class for me. They say it won't be a huge problem if I can write complete sentences so basing my writings on my journal, I don't think I'll have too many problems. My only weak point was that I wrote 200 too many words. Oh well, screw em :).
Fiona and me in the snow

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I forgot to say in my last entry that I accidentally threw away $20. Yes folks that's right, sad, but right. I had gotten $40 from Wal Mart cash back and put it (the money) in my pocket along with my receipts. In my attempt to "spring clean" I decided to throw away all the receipts. Apparently that $20 was among th ereceipts. Woops. Won't do that again :(.