February 19th, 2004

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I guess I've typed so much in this journa;, I estimate, now about 150000 words, all on this keyboard, all on two aa batteries that when I noticed that things were getting slow and non responsive, and most importantly I got to the point where I couldn't sit/lay on my bed and type in this here journal, I figured something probably should be fixed. So new AA's in, I figure I can go for another 150000 words and then some. All for a $1.94 investment. Funny the Union would probably charge me $4 for the same four pack, and I still have 2 batteries left.

I have surprisingly a lot of energy tonight, amazingly so, because I've been busy relatively so, and I just noticed how relatively annoying and tangled that sentence was :). I suppose African music, which is what I'm listening to now will do that to you. Perhaps I'm weird; wait a minute I am weird never mind. So now, lj cut and ready for your consumption, my two past days.

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I just got back from Waffle House with Heather, and her friend Josh; they went to the same high school together. I enjoyed listening to the interesting conversation, but most of all, I enjoyed my tripple order of hash browns of which I ate maybe three quarters of them. Definitely an interestng experience. It made me realize how long ago and far away high school is and was for me. I suppose it is a bit different in the fact that I never lived with my classmates, but the concept still is so alien to me. Craziness.

Well, I seriously am going to pass out very shortly, so I should end this and send it off. I'll write less later on :). Funny how over a three hour period how my state of tiredness increased exponentially. Wo.
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