February 22nd, 2004

Fiona and me in the snow

tasty mochas

I'm back in the union coffee shop after doing a fill in show for a dude. I didn't know if I'd be able to do it but it was great; I even had calls. Maybe KXUA is cool afterall.

I didn't know if I'd be able to do the show because my mom told me about my sister's orchestra concert yesterday, that was after I had already committed to helping out our illustrious station manager. I went though, and was glad I did. We started out at Ruby Tuesdays with my sister and I, along with Miss Marsha, and Hank (philips mom and dad) and Philip. My mom and dad came down for the concert and they came to pick me up. The food was great, and I'm glad I have some stuff left for my dinner. I got this pepper jack bacon cheese burger.

Wait, I'm watching this sorority chick type order coffee. Collapse )

Anyway ... what was I saying. OH yes, orchestra. Oh no, don't distract me, gay dude complaining about no fruit trays, and "the flavoring tastes like shit". "Yess, I'm a diva, I'm fully aware, I have naives at my penthouse, and I snap at my bitches for service." "Mr. buttler 326, I have like a smuddge on the bottom of my shoe can you wipe it off?" Oh no, please, do the weirdos come to the coffee shop on the weekends or something. If they keep coming in, I won't be able to finish lol.

Anyway, the orchestra. The first song, the Academic Overture by Brahms was my favorite. The others were a bit on the weird side, modern symphonic pieces, but otherwise, the concert was great. It lasted for about an hour, and at the end I enjoyed seeing some of my sister's friends, along with one of my friends, Megan (I know three Megans now so it gets somewhat confusing separating the Megans).

Gay guy is still over there, he truly neesd to stop.

And so do I, because I'm totally out of things to say. Thank goodness for Rz's wireless internet, it makes for some good lj transcribing. I'll have to copy down more conversations if they happen. Before I go though, thanks to ruadh_innsean Here's a math quiz. Being a math tutor, it totally was hilarious. Collapse )
Thanks for reading and sorry for the stream of consciousness style of this entry. Welcome to the ner journal buffalogal More soon.update: people are actually talking to me here; great fun. Gay guy's name is Raymond and he says that its awesome I wrote about him here lol. Must be a full moon.
Fiona and me in the snow

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This quiz was almost too easy to take, hence my posting. I've never heard of the book that I represent. Perhaps I should go to bed, and soon, I'm feeling quite tired :(.


You're Roots!

by Alex Haley

While almost everyone agrees that you're brilliant, no one knows quite
how to categorize you. Some say that you're a person with an amazing family tree. Some
say that you're just a darn good storyteller. Others say that you're both and don't much
care where to draw the line. What is known is that your people have been through a great
number of trials and that you are where you are because of hard work. You have nothing to
lose but your chains.

Take the Book Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

I'm glad I am back in my room though it would have been nice to have coffee at the coffee shop with people I knew, maybe tomorrow or something. I just can't fathom two mochas (grande with an extra shot) in one night, that might be toxic.