February 23rd, 2004

Fiona and me in the snow

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Sitting here at work and I'm really trying to unwind myself. Its not been a really fun day let me tell ya.

First laundry. I HATE doing laundry first of all. Second, being a dorm, and being as there's 200 other students livng here, all of which I am sure procrastinated like me, all of course for the same reason as I :), I had to do my laundry in stages, two lodds at a time. By the timne I finished, 2 loads were in the dryer, when I had to go to lunch so I had to get Chris to help me out and grab them when he got back. As could happen with anyone, he mistook somebody else's clothes for mine and took them upstairs. It was kinda hilarious actually going downstairs this afternoon, pouring the clothes back out on the picnick table where I saw them before and then trying to find my clothes which someone had put in another random basket along the way :). I have them, and they're clean though not folded. I'll fold them, eventually.

I then went to class which really didn't hhelp me one bit really. My classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday are so ultra graphical that that they're annoying. The difference between this and last semester, see multiple entries about Statics :), is that this professor is in the chemical engineering department and wants to work with me and help me out. This one I don't feel hopeless about; it just frustrated me at the time, mostly because the notes I am supposed to have for that class are way delayed in coming to me which makes me feel behind and further screws me as far as understanding in the class. I will make it through, somehow, and we're going to start tomorrow one on one with my professor to see if I can get to some better understanding.

My counsellor asks me how I am so positive. I truly don't know how I am as I do get stressed, I do get annoyed, and I do experience emotion. I think I internalize it, write it down here, and bounce ideas and rants off all of you. Because I do have a lot going against me and it does make me annoyed and stressed and negative at times. What does keep me going is that I have a lot positive going for me; my new friends, this journal, my intelligence and ability to understand and enjoy science, and many other things. That must be it, that must be what helps me get through.
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