February 27th, 2004

Fiona and me in the snow

Something's inherently wrong ...

its 1:51 on a thursday, not pm but a.m. and I really should should be asleep, in bed, like Fiona's in bed. But no, I'm awake, sent abuit 45 emails off (literally) and I'm now writing this entry because its been so long since I have written. There's been much to write just little time to do it in as I've been busy with school/social issues. I hope in the next day to update more in a detailed fashion about these if people really want t hear about them but knowing me, I'll probably write about them anyway.

Since its the here and now, now, I'll write about now and then back track in other entries. I spent much of the evening at Pomfret Hall, a dorm far far away (5 minute walk) from here. Its huge, so huge and out of the way in fact that it has its own convenience store, cafeteria, and indoor lounge/gazebo complete with a fountain. I swear I thought I was in like some twisted hotel or something. The cafeteria was quite tasty with not as much selection but I think much better food. It kind of overlooks the tv room and lounge and ping pong/pool tables so it must be entertaining to watch people playing games during dinner and I guess from the point of view of the people at the pool tables, it'd be weird to watch people eat.

Anyway, I got invited to go to a cookie making fest that evening which is why I was at pomfret in the first place, and the cookies were definitely fresh and extra ultra tasty. I met a cool chick who was from Sri Lanka but lived in New Zealand most of her life and we had fun bashing each other's countries (me bashing NZ, her Aus). Definitely priceless. Then I spent the next hour or so atching my friends Heather and Carey work on this paper on comparative religion which I am SO gla dI don't have to do. I mostly enjoyed supervising and not offering any help whatsoever. Tgain, the reactions to my nonaction and lackof help, priceless.

Tomorrow's slate isn't too full, except for wait its today, arg. So that said, I'll go to bed now, and when I get up, I'll update previous days. In closing, its great to have new friends; to hang out with, the laugh with, to talk with. Good times. Now if this would have happend three years ago and not in my last damn year at uni, I'd be even happier. Education should be first in priority while you are at uni, but having a social group to hang with has got to be a clsoe second and I've been devoid of this to a degree until this semester. Greatness, definite greatness.