March 4th, 2004

Fiona and me in the snow

Phone Post:

533K 2:35
“Hi guys. Another update. Uhn, they're gonna switch me over to a better traction which will be, uhm, a little more comfortable. Right now they're giving me some pain medicine so that's, you know, possibly going to be a little bit less painful. And...the plan is to have surgery at, well space available or something like that... They have... Possibility that it will happen about noon. So, uhm. And the surgery... I'd say they'd probably take about four hours. And... It will all be plated and straightened out and ready to go again.

Just wanted to update people since can't really type and I can't figure out how to get on the Internet here--they do have, they do have ethernet ports in the hospital--I don't know how that works--you have to go in the play room a lot--but they do have them and they're going to get me hooked up so I can chat with people and whatever else.

So, I guess we're getting up near 400 entries. This may actually be entry 400. I've really enjoyed having people read and listen to my journal because this journal is gonna be what will get me through--so. Gotta have it, I'm telling ya.

My mom's here, and she's just kind of hanging out. It's 3 AM and I guess the live journal thing puts it in pacific time. But it is 3 AM and we're hanging out. I guess my mom's going to drive up to school and straighten out some things, drive back home, sleep, and come back up here.

One thing I do hope is that they don't wake me up and say "You want some breakfast? It's 7:30!" "Shut up. No, I don't." Actually they won't because I can't have food.

Ah, man. Really wish I could have had that cup of coffee earlier today. I really do. But it wasn't meant to be and there's gotta be a reason for, for all this. Things just don't happen.

Well, suppose I should end it. So. This is DJ Ner signing off.”

Transcribed by: controlg