March 7th, 2004

Fiona and me in the snow

home again home again jigity jig

I"m writing from the relative comfort o the recliner. I've had good times today, and bad, my spirits going up and down like a hot air baloon in a summer storm. Right now, I'm doing ok.

Today I've spent much of my time trying to stay in one place so as not hurt myself too much. My mom went to church and I wished I could go but I didn't want to have to lay down in the Jetta once more so I stayed here and watched CNN and some weird thing on PBS about spiritual healing. Gabby the cat crawled up on my lap on a blanket and crled up with me and purred. That was nice. My dad worked outside on demolishing phones and I stayed in here. That was a low point in time for me because I felt utterly alone. I miss my friends so much, the people that made me smile, tok me places, ate lunch with me. I misss crosswords, mochas, and movies. I almost cried but I managed not to, though I know its ok to cry. I just hold onto the hope that soon I'll be back up there, at half or quarter speed, but I'll be back up there. There's always the phone though and I hope more than anything that I get to talk to some of those friends I miss so much; Heather, Megan, Larry, Chris; I miss you all so much.

In checking my email I realized how automated the university is, it at least made me smile and also I was glad that someone out there in administration land cares. It said the following:
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I also got an email from Col. Myers, my admisor telling me how proud he was that I was still going to classes and diubg nt presentation over the speaker phone. I've become somewhat of a legend for that :. I'd take walking around on two feet ten times over being a legend.

I still need all your prayers, thoughts, and messages on im if you like. The im stuff is in my userinfo, but to make it easy,
aim: nromey
phone: 501-681-6254

Sorry if I've told you already but I'd do anything just to talk to a friendly persn in this time of sadness and pain. Thanks so much for everyone's friendly and loving comments, keep em coming!!!!! I'll be back.