March 14th, 2004

Fiona and me in the snow

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Its late here but since I had an internet connection and a bit of waking time, I thought I'd do a quick update and post a couple of family pictures I took tonight since its so easy to send things to and from my computer now.

The flight was pretty uneventful as flghts go. It was very painful, so having access o a movie was a great thing because it helped to keep my mind off of my leg and on other things. The only hard part was transferring from my wheelchair to the seat as they didn't have anything to help me. So I had to rely on my parents and sister to let me hop with them t my seat which thank goodness was very close. We propped my leg up, and I was good to go. Staying in one position was hard because it was so painful but I managed, and as I've been saying for a while, managing is the only thing I can do to make it through.

We came over to my aunt Carol's house and had dinner and then talked. And talked. And talked. Me and my Aunt's husband Julian got into political discussions which is always interesting. I like to discuss things with him because I like to understand how "the other side" believes. They have their beliefs and I have mine, and I think its reat that we live in a country where its ok to speak your mind about such things. My cousin Faye and her boyfriend also came and it was great to meet him; it must really be hell for the guy to meet new family ;).

And now I'm here. Its warm, as usual, but not too hot, and I can hear crickets outside of my windw, boring city crickets but crickets nonetheless. They're still nothing like the crickets we have in the south, but there's something charming about the hustle and the bustle of a city, and that I like. The fact that the desert has been almost totally destroyed annoys me though. Its been almost destroyed because there's still desert landscaping around and its still dry here most of the time. I will never live here though as its completely spread out and would be difficult for me to get here. I wrote many an entry last summer about it :).

Well I should go and post these pictures. Enjoy and I'll write more soonishly. We've got a big breakfast planned at my grandma's in the morning so I should get to sleep, something that'll be a piece of cake, and then look forward to tea, breakfast, and the long trip tomorrow.

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Fiona and me in the snow

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Just laying here trying to think of what I'm going to do; read, listen to music, meditate. I don't know.

We're now up in Strawberry and I don't have any internet connection to post this as of now. So, I'm testing out the working offline features of my client and hope that it will allow me to upload all my posts when I get to a connection. I had forgotten hat I had about 2000 songs on this computer so I hope, once I get these thoughts down and in stone, I'll start reading, something.

It was a rather uneventful trip up here after we finally got our car and left. Well, I take that back, it was eventful. We were excited that we'd be able to listen to some music. A press of the radio's on off button and we had nothing, no lights, no music, not even any static to listen to. We gotout the users guide, checked the fuses, and still nothing. So both my mom and my sister had fun sarenading us with all kinds of tunes from Meet Me in St. Louis and other things, while my dad and I cringed. I had fun talking to morganallafaye and ruadh_innsean. even if they don't approve that I liked Finding Nemo they were good commiscerators with my plight of listening to two happy singing women. It was great.

Backtracking though, and I hate not being non chronological, we had to get our Mexican food fix before we left Phoenix, so we went to Garcias, a Mexican food restaurant, and I had a cheese crisp and the others had tasty other things that I can't remember right now. You may be asking, what's a cheese crisp. You may be saying, shut up and get it over already, well I'll have to say what it is just because no one who hasn't lived in Arizona seems to know what it is. Basically, its a quesadilla, unfolded, and broiled in the oven. The ones you usually get in Arizona Mexican food restaurants tend to be huge, about the size of a pizza, so when I finished mine, I was quite full.

Back to the present. We got up here to Strawberry, in the midst of the Moggollon Rim in northern Arizona. If you're looking for it on a map, its near Payson, the next largest town away from us. I was born in Payson, and since I was born, not much ahs changed about this town, its still small, and it still annoys me when people from Phoenix invade from the south to get away from the sweltering heat.

My Grandpa is doing as well as is to be expected. We had a great ttime sitting outside and talking about how it sucks to be in pain and how we wished we'd both get sooner. He's still got his sense of humor and sharp wit, but he's so weak and has such a hard time swallowing. Its so sad to watch him this way and to know that he's probably so close to the end of his life. I still think he's got a long ways to go and luckily he agreed with me. Tonight it was hard to watch him eat dinner but I could commiscerate with him that when you're feeling sick you don't necessarily feel like eating. He did better with his food ground up though and I was happy that he could at least enjoy some of the roast we had.

So I'm sitting, or rather laying here, two cats on the bed, and I'm writing. Its the only way I know to ease my pain both mentally and physically. I miss my friends, I miss talking to paople, and though we're with family I hate feeling like Ia burden to my family with my bad leg. All I can do is keep writing, and keep praying that I'll feel better about things, and that my Grandpa will get batter. Whatever your religion, whatever your belief, we, me and my Grandpa, need your thoughts, your prayers, anything positive you can send our way. If there is a God up there which I truly believe there is, he'll helpus get through it. Sorry i these entries get a bit on the long and windy side, its just my way of coping and trying to sort things out in my mind. Feel free if you're not happy with the long length to take me off your friends list. If you enjoy reading, and you enjoy my travels, by all means, stick with me, we'll get through everything life has to throw at us. I suppose I need to close now and see iif I can get this thing to work properly.