March 15th, 2004

Fiona and me in the snow

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No need to even try to open up semagic, but I thought I'd write anyway, and post all of these entries (two at present) in the morning, and if people want to check back up on me they can just read the journal in chronological order. Though I like getting comments from people, the main reason for keeping this journal was to chronical my life, to put it down on paper, to capture my thoughts of the moment. So that's just what I'm doing.

So I’m doing this via Microsoft word because I haven’t had the energy to hook up my computer and dial in. Not having internet has been both tortureand peace. No messenger sounds, n o emails, just peace and quiet in the mountains.

I finished reading The Last Juror by John Grisham. It was a good book but I was kind of disappointed with the ending; it was a good ending, sad, but just seemed to end pretty darn quick. I got through it in aboutfour hours today so tha was cool.

I tried to schedule and appointment with the doctor that delivered me, Dr. Ivy. It was so much bureaucracy (what’s your name, are you allergic to any medicines, we don’t have you in the computer you need to fill out a chart). It was annoying because I know that he’d be so happy to see me, and just chat. I just thought that I could get rid of my staples and visit with him at the same time. So I called him, finally answered all of Dottie (the person at the desk)’s questions, and finally convinced her that yes, I did know Dr. Ivy and no, I wasn’t just saying I knew him to jump the queue (appointments are usually hard to get). So we made an appointment for Wednesday but I told her that I still had to clear it with my doctor. Sadly, my doctor thinks its too soon to remove the staples so I’ll have to endure the staples, tight skin, and itching until next Monday. Oh well, I still think we’ll go visit Dr. Ivy anywayway sometime this week J. All that work and bureaucracy for nothing, but at least I tried and I’ll survive, I suppose.

Haven’t done much today but read, and talk to my Grandpa and Grandma. He went in for radiation today and was totally warn out afterwords. There must be a special bond between him and I; I don’t know if tis the fact that we’ve both faced hardships before and are both in pain, but I always try to take time out to talk to him because sadly, I may not get too many more chances to bs with my favorite Grandpa. He’s trying to stay positive though he’s grouchy, so grouchy so that its reminiscent of the movie Grumpy Old Men, I still love him very much.

We’re all managing though, and managing is the only thing as I’ve said before, to get past adversity. And that’s where I think I’ll leave you, because I don’t want to bore you with too many day-to-day details which neither you nor I care to read about later. I’ll post these tomorrow, all the best.