March 18th, 2004

Fiona and me in the snow

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Today has been extremely layed back. I didn't get too much sleep last night so fell asleep in front of CNN. I was so unable to fall asleep tonight, probably due to the uncomfortable couch bed thing, that I subjected myself to watching late night presentations from various universities around the U.S. on satellite. I figured that if I listened to something I had no idea about or was so confused that I'd confuse my body to go to sleep. I have no idea what c-- is, but from what I can think, I am sure that there has to be a reason that programming language was described and explained at a very high rate of speed at 12:30 a.m. I also now know how to do a caral tunnel syndrome surgery; that one finally put me to sleep and I got up early to have hot breakfast before my sister left this morning. I was amazed to remember that my Grandma definitely can make a mean hash brown meal :).

I forgot to write yesterday about my haircut I got. I haven't found my phone yet and we have absolutely no service up here, so its not crucial, but I had planned to take a picture of it for those who really care, but that impossible since I can't find my phone. It seems to be a lot shorter and less shaggy which was the object and purpose for getting it, so I suppose it was worth he 10 my mom paid for it. I was really worried though as Lindsey's done my hair the past two times, and I had no idea how Al, the arbor up here, would do, but he seemed to have done a good job. I also enjoyed political conversations with various people in there, as I always do when someone gives me the opportunity to spread my hatred of GWB and his policies.

The corn beef, potatoes, and cabbage was all quite tasty last night too. I have had corn beef before but its salty flavor seemed to be more satisfying than usual. Perhaps it was St. Patrick's day.

And now back to today. I wish I could be more lucid about my entries sometimes. By lucid, I mean together. Sometimes I feel confident that my entry is "good" and organized. Today, it seems to be coming to me like a letter to a good friend sometimes tends to be placed down. Its coming to me as it comes to my mind, and hope you guys can both follow it and understand that I'm writing this journal both for me, and as a hugely long letter to you, the reader. Its going to be almost impossible to catch up with all of the friends posts I've missed but I'm sure it'll happen eventually once I get back, so don't worry that I'm not being active in reading journals, a slow dial up connection will do that for you.

Well, I suppose I should go. and continue watching the Al Keida developments in Pakistan. Even if their number who man gets caught or is killed, t sure won't change my view of the war or the administration's policies, but one thing is for sure, if he has been captured, the world will be rid of at least one very evil person. Unfortunately though, Terrorism, and Al Keida, unfortunately will go on indefinitely. We have a long long way to go towards world peace. Perhaps it will be possible to reach. I have no idea.