March 25th, 2004

Fiona and me in the snow

life modified

Today has been somewhat boring but when you're here with Fiona who enjoys sleeping all the time, and a very vocal kitty, Gabby, there's not much else but class to do, unless I want to talk to the cat or something. Class went off with only a small hitch, mainly, the fact that they couldn't find the speakerphone before class. Since a speaker phone is essential to my going to class, I had to find the technician Harold, who had to find the phone, which got put n class, only ten minutes late. Class was boring as usual, but if I didn't have the phone I'd have nothing to do at home and also get totally behind. At least I can be involved in class, and feel like I'm accomplishing something.

Tonight, we hooked a backpack type thing to my walker so now I can easily carry my laptop and anything else (headphones, phone, food, etc) without having to strain myself too much. It just helpse me feel a lot more independent. I can do most things now; walk around, make lunch, go to class. The only thing I'm missing is social activities and friends that I can ahng out with. THank goodness for messengers, good books, and live journal. With that, and the fact that the coffee I had has flushed out of my system, and I'm really tired. More tomorrow, at next coffee time.