April 9th, 2004

Fiona and me in the snow

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Today should be a fun filled and interesting day, oacked with more regalia and ceremony than I ahve experienced in a while. We'll be leaving for Jonesborro, in the northeast corner of the state, this evening (or afternoon I should say), to go to the engagement dinner with both of the families. So I'm not going to write too long because I have to take a shower and shave before class so we can leave quickly. We even have to wear relatively nice clothes. Again, I'm still not familiar with the whole Southern wedding, but I guess being that I'lla ctually BE in the wedding, I ought to get used to it pretty darn quick.

I have my usual two and a half classes today; a group meeting, and my reactor design and process control classes. NOthing new or exciting there.

I'll sure relate what happens tonight at the dinner, but for now, I must eat breakfast. Aren't you guys proud of me, I kept it under 500words today. Perhaps I'll be bored enough to wrrite on the way up there today or down there tomorrow.