April 13th, 2004

Fiona and me in the snow

Sunday, and meu madness

We're now going through a mid spring cold we seem to get on a reasonably regular basis here in Arkansas. One week its in the eighties, then it'll rain and rop down to the fifties for the high, then, it'll go back up to eighty. We're in the rainy cool part of the sequence now, which when you can't go outside, its great to be inside with the heat on playing computer games. And its eery that now I'm listening, to try to wind down, to the New Age Channel "audio visions" on XM. At night, they play very peaceful music and every once in a while they play a nature track. They're playing a gentle thunderstorm now which even befre the benedril I took takes effect is making me sleepy.

We didn't do too much for Easter but hung out here at home. We went to church in the morning which was good because I haven't seen the people from there in a very long time. I was very impressed with someone I met who talks to me periodically, a young guy whose about en. Ryan, as I found out his name, seems to have no problems or precognitions about my disability. TO him, I'm just another grownup whose supposedly cool to talk to. "Haven't seen you in a while." he said. Its just sad that many adults don't have the innocence, insight, or understanding of young people.

Easter dinner was good too. We had ham, cheesy potatoes and vegatables, and we enjoyed hanging out together the whole family together.

Neil from Fayetteville came over and we had great times talking about girls and how they can and are difficult, especially to us, playing yatzee, eating cake, and just generally enjoying sitting around. It was great to have a visitor as I get quite lonely here all my myself. You guys wonder why I write so much? Its loneliness, and the fact that I can type really fast.

And that about brings you up on yesterday and today, as there's not been much going on lately. I neglected to say yesterday or the day before, that my Grandpa got admitted to the hospital because he quit eating and they wanted to give him IV nutrition. They put an IV in his chest (I've had several of those before) to give him total nutrition through itm and since then, things have gone down hill. We're not completely hopeless, but he's going to need to start fighting now and not lose hope. He's stopped communicating with anyone even though he did eat a bit today. Perhaps tomorrow will be a better day. The only way to get through is to live things day to day. I do know one thing though, and that is, my Grandpa has had a wonderfully happy and long life. Its nt over yet though. We're praying for him.

Finally, Miss Marsha ™ sent me the menu which I'll post below the cut. An email message which she wrote to me follows the menu as I was amazed at how ... well ... amazing the message really was. The woman has too much time / energy on her hands lol.

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And that's about it. Hope everyone is doing great. Have a great day today.