April 27th, 2004

Fiona and me in the snow

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Thought I should write since there's been a cycle of non writing which I hope to stop now. So coffee at hand, I"m writing, like I've done for almost all of my other writings. I'm also going to post pictures of our puppy so I'm sure you'll all love that.

I wanted to thank everyone for congratulating me on my scholarship, It was so good to get the emails and the comments, and also to talk to my classmates that I talked to yesterday about it. It definitely means a lot.

I've continued doing lots of scanning, and since I have time (I won't have it when I get up to Fayetteville this summer), I'm taking on huge books. I took breaks from scanning huge 700 and 900 page books, and am now scanning my Bob Woodward book but in the past few days I've scanned about 1200 pages or so. I don't spend hours on end in front of the scannerl if I put my mind to it, I can scan about 400 pages an hour. I'm doing this so I have cool stuff to read later on in the summer. Some books I will never actually read I doubt, mostly because it would take me weeks to read just one book (Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon for example is over 900 pages and 420000 words, longer than the Lord of the Rings trilogy). Others might like to read them though and since I have the time, I'm making them available.

Yesterday I had another group meetoing. We'll have on eon Wednesday as well, and that's good especially since the due date to our project is fast approaching. I just hope we can get the thing completely done; its not looking good. Beitle wants a five page paper thank goodness and not the usual 50 to 100 page one,but still ... He asked me on an aside what classes I'd be taking next semester. Right now I'm planning one class, modern physics. I think just for the hell of it I'll have to take a chemical engineering class, even if its graduate leve.

The puppy continues to be fun, but we're trying, and losing, the battle to keep him from biting us. He wants to jump on the couch with me to be petted or he leads us to believe this, but really all he wants to do is bit us. He really hates it when I try to hold his mouth closed when he bites, but I think its funny, and I hope it might help him understand that its not ok to bite me all the time whenever I pet him. He only stops biting, if he's really tired. Fiona continues to not like him at all and likes to growl and bark at him and act like she's extremely pissed off, all while wagging her tail. I'd be mad if I were a dog and another dog tried to bite my tail and stomach all the time.

Speaking of him, here are pictures.

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I can't do a good description of him, so I'm sure that that someone can do a better job at description than my non description. With that I'm out, I forgot to tell a good story later so maybe I'll write that down later today before I fforget it.
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Fiona and me in the snow

thought I was just either unpopular or enjoying a bout of peace and quiet but ...

I wanted to make a phone call tonight and looked around for my cel phone because the other phone was being used. I had no idea where my phone was because I thought it might be where I thought I left it last, on the table. It hadn't rung in a while (about five days) so ... THe phone was neither in the bedroom nor on the table, but then a thought struck me and ... Oh yeah, I'd been carting it around with me in my walker bag, ready for me to pick it up as I traipse around the house. I took it out, thinking could just make my call, but no... it wouldn't turn on, wouldn't even offer forth a squawk to let me know it was indeed alive. "Oh no," I thought to myself. "I've probably missed lots and lots of calls, probably lost a million dollars, maybe the Publisher's Clearinghouse called me. or, maybe my friends and/or professor's care and actually called me. Once the phone was reset and I got rid of the "invalid sim" message, U found the latter to be the case. All this time I'd been carrying my phone with me, wishing it to ring, and because the electronics in it were hopelessly screwed up, people (I have no idea how many at this point) have been calling me and texting me. Now they all probably think I'm a totalloser (well, Iknow I am really), because I haven't returned their calls. I even missed ruadh_innsean's birthday because of it.

Never fear. Once I get done writing this I'm going to, since phone rates are cheap now, spend the probably hours it will take me to check my messages and respond to them all. Arg, technology really sucks when you depend on it so much. This sure shows me how screwed up our world has become. Makes me want to time transplant myself back to midieval Ireland, at least in both times there'd be something familiar tome, Celtic Music. There, there'd be no cel phones t tie me too and friends toanswer to if I became untied to my cel phone. Who knows in old Celtic times, they had various other annoyances. Must research that :).